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BeanieHow to Wear a Beanie

The beanie is a great hat for men and women during the winter months, while it can also be worn at other times of the year depending on the fabric. The beanie is also ideal for covering bad hair days. However, there are many conversations about how people should wear the beanie hat to look their best.

The fisherman beanies certainly aren’t designed to wear in bed if your heating is on the blink. You are better off contacting a Boiler Repair Gloucester company like hpr services ltd to come and fix it instead. Read on for some ideas on how to look great in a beanie.

For men with short hair, a beanies made in a thin fabric is a good idea and the hat should be close fitting. The small quantity of hair means the hat will not be pushed out of shape. However if you have thick hair, a more slouchy embroidered beanies could work better.

Close-Fitting or Slouchy:

Curly hair can work well with a thicker material that does not push down hard on the head. Curls look great sticking out of a slouchy beanie. The hat should be roomy enough for the hair to sit comfortably.

For those with long hair, you could opt for a thin and close fitting beanie and let the hair hang loose below. This will contrast well with your hair volume. However if it is long and very thick and curly, a slouchy look would work better

Beanies are associated with a casual look, but they can work with smart outfits if you pick the right material and style. You could team a dark plain beanie hat with a smart dark coat, sleek black trousers and a cool white shirt. A jumper and jeans outfit also looks great with a beanie.

David Beckham’s Look:

David Beckham is a fan of the slouchy beanie worn with a t shirt or collared shirt. The footballing superstar wears his pulled back off the face and down slightly over the ears. Your hair should peek out at the front. Of course you can customise a slouchy beanie and turn it into a smarter, tighter fitting design by rolling the cuff over to make it a tighter fit.

The beanie is a hugely versatile hat that can be dress up or down. It can help to modernise your outfit and make you look younger – just remember to keep other items understated so as not to overshadow you headwear!

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