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How Vaping Benefits Existing Smokers

Smoking was once the symbol of sophistication but is now frowned upon. People are becoming increasingly conscious of their health. Hence the ones who had already begun smoking are now trying to quit the habit. Vaping has gained appeal among traditional smokers and provides them health benefits compared to smoking.

  • If you consider it critically, there is not much of a difference between vaping and smoking except that vaping requires you to buy an electronic device called an e-cigarette from a vape shop. At the offset, vaping may seem highly intimidating, but it is relatively easy to use. You can release the mixture of water and vapour in addition to nicotine with just the simple press of a button. This feature helps in satisfying the cravings of a traditional smoker without releasing harmful toxins into the body. Additionally, you also don’t harm your friends and family by making them breathe in second-hand smoke.
  • Moreover, the vapour released from E-Cigarette that you buy from vape shop is primarily water. So the nonsmokers won’t complain about the effect of second-hand smoke on them. There will be no more lingering smoke clouds, harsh chemicals to breathe in and offensive odours. As a result, traditional smokers will not have to go outside to light the cigarette when they are in a group. One can vape at the comfort of their home with just the push of a button.
  • There are other health benefits to vaping like you can breathe easily with your lungs. You can control your nicotine intake as it is possible to regulate the concentration in a vaping machine you bought from a vape shop. So if you are looking to get rid of your long-standing habit of smoking, vaping is a good way to do it. A recent study by the NHS mentions that vaping is 90% safer than traditional smoking. Additionally, you can bid goodbye to premature skin ageing, sore gums and stained teeth through vaping. The effect might not be an immediate one, but you will gradually notice a positive difference. Many Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Rihanna, Katy Perry have also resorted to vaping.
  • From the expense point of view, vaping requires an initial cash outlay to purchase the kit from the vape shop. Over time, you will realise that vaping is a much cheaper habit than buying and smoking cigarettes every day. Unlike smoking, vaping is not restricted in many public places except aeroplanes, trains.

To conclude, vaping trumps smoking any given day from a health and social point of view. Vaping has not been accused of any stigma related to cigarette smoking. If you want to have a happy vaping experience, make sure that you have enough e -liquids stocked for yourself before the craving strikes. It is also essential to keep in mind that vaping and e-cigarettes should only be used by adults who have attained the legal smoking age since vaping exposes its users to small amounts of toxins and nicotine, which are harmful to children.

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