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We’ve officially stepped into the future. With the advent of esports, modern technology, and even AI (Artificial Intelligence), the future of gaming is here if not just beyond our fingertips. 

Remember how esports was something thought of as a dream? Now, more than a hundred thousand players dream of becoming pro players and step on the world stage to show their mastery and skills of a certain character. If you are a fan of the Riot Game, League of Legends most likely you know, Faker from South Korea and his IGN HideOnBush. Thanks to his insane human reactions, he became a world-renowned pro worldwide with followers until today ever since his debut in 2013. Then we have other esports tournaments such as the famous arcade game Dance, Dance, Revo with multiple competitions held all over the world. 

Now even different schools and universities have also taken in esports and have made it an official part of their school agenda and as an official competition as well. From being the shunned-away parts of society, gaming in general has taken a giant leap ever since. Especially with the modern consoles such as Nintendo’s Switch, Sony’s Playstation and the Xbox. 

Or maybe you’re a traditionalist like many others and prefer the handheld device? But if you still want to be immersed with a group of friends and become the next star detective, then try out another gaming experience! Escape rooms. It’s like VR but you’re trapped inside a room with your friends and are forced to decode, solve puzzles, and finish challenges! Give vr arcade a shot if you’re interested!

But technology has even taken an even larger leap. Virtual Reality.

Remember how many hours you’ve put into your favorite game? There must be more than 300+ hours in a single game alone, and that’s behind a flat screen monitor with a handheld console or even your own gaming pc. But mankind has taken many advancements and now you won’t just have to play behind a screen anymore, you can actually be in one thanks to Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality?

From the name suggests, this is a type of gaming simulation where consoles are worn by the players, and it directly shifts them to a game of their choosing that provides them with real time experience of the protagonist of a certain game. 

How does it work?

There are currently two main parts of a virtual reality simulation: 1.) The helmet or gaming goggles that are placed on the eyes of the user to see and observe the inside of the game itself, 2.) The handheld devices which mimics the user’s movements along with special features such as shooting if you’re playing an FPS, or reeling a fishing rod if you’re playing let’s say a farming or fishing simulation game instead.


How does it revolutionize the gaming experience?

A traditional game usually involves a screen, and a controller, but think of the VR as an extended reality only in gaming. It provides users with cutting-edge potential that not only enrich the players, but also completely immerse them in the game in real time (Of course, with safety). 

User engagement is extended and furthered providing the player with almost all of the movements that a character can offer from jumping, shooting, punching, and taking down enemies. 

But if you’re still into the traditional old but gold goodie escape games and you think VR is not for you, that’s perfectly fine too.

Other functions of VR?

Virtual Reality could also offer a world of possibilities, zoom, google meet no more! VR also lets you experience conducting meetings real time as if you were personally there! No more behind the screens as VR can also have a direct impact on conducting meetings, anytime, anywhere.


What’s next?

VR indefinitely still has a long way to go. There are some experiments that utilizes other body functions and movements such as attaching devices on the waist and the legs to replicate real time running, and dodging as well. Maybe in the near future, touching a game character would likely be possible!

Share with us regarding what you think about what’s next for VR!

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