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Have you ever heard of Keyless door locks? You must have because they are becoming popular more than ever. Wifi keyless door locks offer the opportunity to get rid of the old and outdated locking system and unlocking doors. Apart from giving security to your house, a wifi smart lock enhances the aesthetic look of your home. If you still have the old-fashioned mechanical locks, then it is time to bring about a change in your house. The article will tell you why you should invest in smart locks and the benefits of getting a wifi keyless door lock. 

Wifi keyless door lock is an innovative solution. It allows the users to lock and unlock the door without the aid of a physical key. These locks are easily controlled through digital gadgets such as smartphone applications, a virtual assistant (Alexa), etc. So, with these innovative locks, you don’t have to fish for keys again. 

Wifi Keyless Door Lock benefits you in these aspects:

1.House automation

Getting the wifi keyless door lock is the first step toward house automation. House automation has its benefits, such as; better energy efficiency, convenience, safety, comfort, better control, the higher economic value of the house, better impression, and many more. 

2.Better impression

Wifi keyless door locks are beautiful in design. With this attractive and robust design, this smart lock can enhance the impression of your house. 


Wifi keyless door locks offer you control over your home. You don’t need to hand over your keys to other people when you are going away from your home. When a person wants access to your home, all you have to do is open the wifi keyless door application on your smartphone and grant access to the visitor. With the latest features of this wifi keyless door lock, you can view the door locking and unlocking the history and see if any person is entering the home without permission. 

A physical key can be duplicated and stolen, but a passcode gives protection against all these risks. You can change your passcode from time to time. 

4.Better convenience 

Everybody wants comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. The latest wifi keyless door lock is straightforward to install and very convenient to operate. These locks can be controlled by anyone. The wifi keypad door lock is designed to make life easier.  

5.Advanced security 

Security is probably the most significant purpose of a door lock and a concern of every person. Today most people have the perception that wifi keyless door locks are not secure. But let me clarify that they are more secure than the traditional locks that can easily be unlocked by some blows. The benefits of wifi keyless door locks can outweigh the very few disadvantages. 

The benefits mentioned above are enough to help you understand the importance of wifi keyless door locks. If you want to buy a wifi keyless door lock for your house, we will have the best solution. We present to you Smonet SMUS-AM. 

Features of Smonet SMUS-AM

Smonet smart lock is made up of zinc alloy, and it comes in two stylish colors, namely silver and black. The main features of this wifi keyless smart lock are:

  • Up to 500 passcodes 

  • Higher security 

  • Free application 

  • Touch screen 

  • Remote sharing

  • More than one method of locking and unlocking, namely, through an app, Digital assistant, pin code, physical key, manually, etc. 

  • Connectivity with Alexa and Wi-Fi

  • Long battery life 

  • Product warranty 

Hence we can conclude that Smonet SMUS-AM is a must-have item in your house. It can offer a wide range of benefits. The wifi keypad door lock is a revolutionary product by Smonet. Smonet smart lock is elegant, intelligent, and beautiful. Besides, Smonet smart lock is easy to install and operate, and its installation will not take more than 15 minutes. Smonet is a pioneer in smart lock manufacturing, and its products are well-proven. Smonet has established a healthy relationship with the clients. You can see the reviews of their satisfied customers on the website. Place your order for the smart locks today, and your house automation dream will come true. 

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