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Yoga is considered one of the most effective methods to reduce stress. That’s why yoga is becoming very popular day by day. After knowing the benefits of yoga on both our physical and mental health, people are practising it more and more. To experience the different effects of yoga on our body and mind, we should follow a proper routine.

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Yoga includes many techniques that help us in dealing with stress and anxiety-like, like exercise, various breathing techniques, meditation, etc.

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In exercise, we include the practice of all the physical postures of yoga. It is known as Hatha Yoga. Yoga can be of different types like fast and slow yoga. A workout session is considered fast yoga while stretching is considered slow yoga. We all have different physic. So, it is not necessary thatthe yoga helpful for others, will also be helpful for you. We should choose it according to our physical fitness.

Exercise keeps us healthy and stress-free by releasing Endorphins, the feel-good hormone. It makes us feel better and relaxed by relieving the stress.

Breathing techniques

Different breathing exercise play important role in any yoga practice and relieves our stress. Breathing exercise like Pranayama increases our awareness of breath which act as a good technique to relax both our body and mind. That’s why it is called that when we are stressed, we should take deep breaths. This is a very effective way to cope with stressful situation. Moreover, it calms us down and relaxes our body and mind.


Meditation is the most effective method to reduce stress and anxiety. It increases our concentration. It helps us on focusing the present moment. Meditation relaxes our constantly working mind which becomes tired and stressed. It gives our mind a break from all the thoughts and worries. By keeping all the stress and worries away, we focus on the present moment.  It is the best method to clear our mind from all negative thoughts. Due to this, our mind gets relaxed and the stress also gets reduced.


Either we do a workout or practice yoga session, we should give ourselves 5-10 minutes for relaxation. The most common method for relaxing is the corpse pose – savasana. It could be a difficult process at first. But if we do it regularly, eventually it relaxes both our body and mind. By practising regular Savasana pose, we feel refreshed and can easily deal with the stress in our daily life.

All these methods can help us in relieving stress and anxiety. Moreover, these methods make us healthy and strong both physically and mentally.

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