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Emotions are like millions of colours that fly in our mind in milliseconds. Emotions are creations of our brain and flow with how we feel. Emotions are the responses to our bodily sensation of current or past experiences. Different networks of our brain combine to create feelings and emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, surprise or horrifying emotions.

How Do Emotions Work?

The pertaining network in our brain unceasingly screens all the sensations in your body. In any event, how your heart beats, the way your intestine work, the pattern of your lungs filling & emptying or that slight ache in your stomach are measured to decide emotion of that moment. These bodily sensations work hand in hand with your past experience and the information you gain about the event.

How Do We Feel Emotions Scientifically?

As per neuroscience, the brain is the most powerful organ of our body that ensures you stay well, active and alive. It constantly monitors all the sensations around your inner and outer world and redistributes the energy where it is most required. Your brain is not just a passive viewer but it foresees and predicts the outer world and uses concepts to comprehend the emotion of the moment. For example, when you hear some abusive word, your brain gets activated and your face turns round to look for the speaker and a lot of calculations start working for what to reply and how to reply.

What Triggers Emotions in the Brain

Our thoughts are majorly responsible for our emotions. If there are two different people in the same situation, they may have different thoughts causing different emotions. Ever observed people crying while watching a movie, for few it is a love and others it is sorrowful feeling depending on what they are thinking.

Different questions flow in our mind while encountering a situation. Questions like:

Did this happen unexpectedly?

Is this enjoyable?

Can I control what happens next?

Is this my fault?

There may be hundreds of such questions that we think follow by every event. Different emotions depend on how your mind answers to these questions and tackle these thoughts. It is not necessary that your mind always show emotions based on thoughts. At times, there can be certain emotions that have no grounds. You don’t know why you are feeling angry or scared. These unconscious emotions have different names in scientific terms majorly called ‘Unconscious Processes’.

Are Emotions Good or Bad?

Emotions are mostly measured as positive or negative or pleasant and unpleasant feelings. When our thoughts are in favour, we feel good emotions. We feel happiness and blissful emotions float in our mind when things around us are good. If we see a graveyard, we may have positive signs of RIP after a struggling life or feel bad or horrified with the thoughts around it.

How You Can Control Your Emotions

You can’t control your thoughts as they can take you to the moon and back in a few seconds. Here is how you can try and control your emotions and mood boosters.

Understand Your Emotions: Before you can take charge of your emotions, you will need to actually understand how you are feeling right now. You need to understand different feelings and emotions of happiness, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, impatient or others.

Work on Your Thoughts: If your thoughts are taking you to negativity, you need to understand and take them back to positiveness. Consider rethinking and reworking on the consequences of your thoughts and actions.

Try Mood Booster Therapies: If you experience really bad mood, you will try to engage yourself in activities that will hang you in the state. Instead of isolating yourself or complaining and arguing with people, you should start thinking of activities and things that you relish doing. You can listen to music, go for a walk, meet a friend or meditate.

Summing Up

This article is a clear view of how your emotions really work. If you know what triggers emotions in the brain, you would be able to control it. This article brainstormed the value of thoughts to boost emotions and cater to your lifestyle. So, take charge of your emotions and control your life with happiness.

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