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HP Printer Set to Travel in Space Printers are required in Space and they need to be travelling to satisfy the needs of astronauts.  In view of this all the printers were taken into the account and HP has won the contract among all others. An announcement was made on the 1 St of November which stated that HP Printer was selected for travelling into space by International Space Station. There took a discussion about printers where HP was well known for the increasing demand of the supplies along with the Samsung’s printer participating in the discussion. In the competition between HPE and HP, the later won by defeating the former one, though HPE is well known for its material advantages but it is not considered as HP as good focus along with experienced executive staff. What is the requirement of printers in space? Printers became necessary in space as per the Enrique Lores, who is the head of HP’s printer division. The reason can be that astronauts found it easy to have paper copies of reports or checklists at the same time even pictures along with letters on the paper rather than on the screen. It became important because if something is on a piece of paper permanently would be better, though there are too many breaches along with the memory failures. The main idea behind this can be that if everything is printed in hardcopy it can be recorded and does not even bother about having one more device accompanying the other devices in space station. Hp printers are easier to handle even in space as there is no necessity of altering even the ink delivery part of the printer. The only thing to handle was paper with HP printers in the space and need to be fed properly, but to surprise even that became too simpler in space station. HP overtook Samsung in the printing world Samsung printer business sale closed but still HP continues because of its printing supply sales being increased excessively. It is one of the most profitable parts of the HP even though printing is considered as the weakest link present at the split. It is due to the massive as well as seemingly a declining business where defeat is based upon the behaviour changes but not on the competition. Even though printing was in decline it has been raised up which resulted in HP buying more into the business. What are the challenges faced in the cloud integration HP has expanded its business into 3D printing, where printing was said to be in decline. HP focuses on what prospects the firm is good and eliminates all the distractions in the way of execution. Hp mainly focuses on strengths and what market said as decline, HP made this decline as its investment. It has increased its investment in the printing segment which showed a significant growth. HP has focused on the growth along with the financial execution which made them success by their printers travelling in International space station. IMMACULATE HP PRINTERS SUPPORT TO ALL YOUR HP ERRORS OFFERED BY OUR TECHNICIANS. If you have any query related to your problem you can directly contact on HP printer support phone number (+1-844- 585-4521). Follow Us: Facebook  ]]>

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