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Human resources management in Turkey is a system that has become widespread, especially since the 1980s, in order to provide academic discipline. Human resource management (HRM) is the process of hiring and training employees, formulating suitable policies, and devising retention measures. HRM as a field has changed dramatically over the last two decades, making it even more relevant in today’s enterprises. 

In this sense, ERAI Turkey offers HR management outsourcing services to multinational firms in order to decrease costs and save time. ERAI Turkey performs in accordance with your international corporate policy while also enforcing the relevant requirements in compliance with Turkish labor laws and legislation.

HR management is also a complete and systematic approach to managing people, workplace culture, and environment. Further, when done correctly, it allows workers to contribute effectively and productively to the overall corporate direction as well as the attainment of the organization’s goals and objectives. In addition to being the unit that incorporates all these procedures, the human resources management department is also a unit that operates considering the company’s vision.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to human resources management by discussing the scope of HR management in Turkey, as well as the goals and systems of the department.

  • What are the Scopes of Human Resources Management?
  • The Goal of Human Resources Management
  • Systems of Human Resources Management in Turkey
  • Human Resources Management in Turkey

What are the Scopes of Human Resources Management?

Human resources management can be described as all the functions and activities that assure the successful management of human resources in any organizational and environmental context in a way that benefits the company, the person, and the environment, in compliance with the regulations. It is a broad concept that covers a variety of topics, including:

– Organization Management
– Employee Administration
– Workforce Administration
– Industrial Management

Today, no matter how strong an organization’s other financial resources are, if its human resources are ineffective, the chance of complete success will be limited. Human resources are critical in reaching productivity and work quality targets with a workforce.

The Goal of Human Resources Management

Human resources management provides a range of purposes. One of the main goals of human resources management is to enable employees to utilize their skills by showing them in the most efficient way.  Additionally, it attempts to preserve the company’s career and success rankings at the highest level possible. Another goal is to improve employees’ quality of life and work. If we generalize the purpose of human resources management, factors such as:

  1. Increasing efficiency
  2. Improving the quality of business life to ensure a competitive advantage

are the most prominent goals of HR management. 

Systems of Human Resources Management in Turkey

HR management in Turkey has recently become a highly developed system. Since human resources management serves a very comprehensive field, it is possible to divide it into various systematic groups. All enterprises share the administrative role of human resources departments. Organizations may have institutionalized the procedures of selection, assessment, and payroll. 

The HR department is responsible for maintaining existing personnel data, which often includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments, and remuneration. 

Nowadays, organizations have begun to electronically automate many of these operations by deploying specialized human resources management systems to lessen the manual labor of these administrative duties. In terms of function, HRM is divided into various systems, including: 

  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Employee Selection and Human Resources Planning
  • Development and Training
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Career Advancement
  • Job Evaluation
  • Compensation Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Job Analysis and Design:

Job analysis and design aim to complete work that has been separated into the smallest divisible portions in the shortest time possible, error-free, and with the least amount of learning by employees.

Employee Selection and Human Resources Planning:

Human resources planning aims to supply a workforce in a certain order in terms of quality and quantity to operate in the enterprise. HRP refers to all efforts to determine the number of employees required in the future, in units, and on the basis of job titles.

Development and Training:

Development and training are some of the most significant human resources activities for increasing the efficiency and productivity of the current workforce. It is carried out to eliminate the employees’ existing state or any shortcomings in performance that may occur.

Both in terms of development and training and others, the significance of human resources management in Turkey is undeniable today. Moreover, HRM has advanced to a point where it provides a significant contribution to the fundamental building block of a company’s success.

Performance Evaluation:

Performance evaluation is the cornerstone of the human resources management strategy that offers performance feedback to individuals and workgroups. Performance appraisal is a methodical procedure that combines the work’s accomplishments, shortcomings, and strengths into a common evaluation.

Career Advancement:

Career advancement encompasses all efforts carried out by employees in order to achieve their career objectives. The purpose of career advancement is to improve an employee’s talents and assess him for business goals. People’s willingness to advance allows businesses to be more productive and efficient by implementing career planning and development approaches.

Job Evaluation:

Job evaluation is the process of determining the level of difficulty or convenience by comparing each job performed in any company to another. Job evaluation is responsible for procedures like preparation and planning, job analysis and job description preparation, work assessment, organization/use of evaluation data, and construction of job structure and wage structure.

Compensation Management:

The human resources management compensation management function aims to determine the wage level to be paid within the enterprise, build the wage structure, and determine the wage to be paid to employees in the context of these two procedures. If wage management is done professionally, the business will not suffer. 

Meanwhile, the organization will have a professional framework in place for issues such as raises, bonuses, and rewards. As a result, both the employer and all employees will be pleased.

Occupational Health and Safety:

Occupational health and safety is the activity that aims and enables workers to work in healthy, safe environments and circumstances and guarantee that employees are in excellent physical and mental health in this manner. Human resources assist OHS processes within the scope of rules and regulations that must be followed. It aims to establish a safe and productive working environment for its workers.

Human Resources Management in Turkey:

Human Resources Management is acknowledged as one of the most significant elements in preserving corporate performance and competitiveness in Turkey’s dynamic economy. Especially in the last 15 years, HRM has been identified as a critical element in maintaining a competitive advantage in Turkish commercial enterprises. Therefore, human resources management in Turkey has become one of the most crucial components of enterprises. 

HRM is in charge of job analysis and design systems, various types of training and development, wage management, occupational safety, and employee health, and many others. Thus, it contributes to the vision and success of businesses. Accordingly, human resources management is a growing, promising, and exciting sector in Turkey that is in high demand.

Consequently, ERAI Turkey provides all kinds of services and support as a consultancy service company that will contribute to your company’s vision in the field of HR management and save you from many burdens.


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