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I found we impossible cannot do be affected by others. If cannot affect behavior will definitely affect your thought. But affect your thoughts will definitely affect your behavior..


When I can find all reasonable excuses prove whatever I do all was right and I can also find all reasonable excuses prove whatever I do all was wrong. When I can found all reasonable excuses, I discovered that there is no right or wrong in the world. For my self each of my excuses makes sense. I am looking for what I want? this joy it maybe is to be the rich, smart or bring joy. My happiness and sad are all because of you guys. give other happiness I will also get happiness. I am looking for what I want? this joy it may be is to be the rich, smart or bring joy. My happiness and sad are all because of you guys. Philosophy and psychology to crack the legend secret of Nikola Tesla 369.

I reckon to escape the problem is also a kind love myself thought(6).

sometimes I will trouble how to explain my mind. if you want to know what I am thinking, I also want you to know. We get what we want from each other. If a friend likes bragging I can understand what reaction he wants usually I will give him a worship nature reaction because I know this is he wants and I will not lose anything also could get him goodwill. Actually sometimes I do the same but if bragging too many will let others felt make you selfish call (only love myself). Do you remember I want to be the best person? I met a person before he will do find out all about me disadvantages, usually find the shortcomings of others can bring him happiness. he will at any time remind your weakness point. I can feel him still want me to reckon him to be a good person and want to makes me feel worse than him. actually if I found other people weakness similar will bring to me tiny happy by at sometimes. so because want to be a kindness person. I think he had got some happiness. Because I make him happy.

I wanted to be a beggar before. Maybe you guys all see the beggar’s bad. But sometimes I see the good side. it does not need to learn just worry what to eat. This world is like a marathon no person knows where the destination, I feel like a person wearing sportswear sitting underground watching others run soon found out that someone with a direction was very happy so I ran in that direction so soon after, I arrived but I found them the smile is gone again. They began ran again to the next place that could make them feel happy. Repeat repeatedly begin made car, aircraft faster and easier and easier to make them happy(Never Stop) and That like some numbers add non-stop but they are the goals is 0. I just want to leave.

I never have done make me the sad thing but what other people would feel unhappy because by me. I think rationally about this problem.

ANSWER: Our goals are different.

If you don’t want to know the universe rules and then I tell you about the universe rules. That meaning I don’t love you, I love myself.

I love you can accept all thing. I love myself can solve all thing.

It is very interest for me to this number 3,6,9 by (Nikola tesla)

Love, Light , existence, energy (9)

I want say have a love that cannot exist here (Earth) and people, I reckon the highest wisdom is LOVE, The Love could accept all thoughts. This type of real love accept the demon thoughts, God’s thoughts, people, bad guys, ghost, language, religion, madman, money, animal, rapist, murderer, shit, you and me. As long as you exist, LOVE can accept. Love can accept the laws of nature. Only The LOVE will not be objectively affected. Kindness is the rule of maintaining Love(light)

I reckon highest universe wisdom treat us as It himself. The LOVE wisdom accept all problems But The LOVE did not intend to solve all problems. If you want to solve all problem with the future and you must leave (LOVE).

The can say The LOVE(9) equal to kind people or..?

personal Answer: LOVE(9) is neither good nor evil.

If LOVE nor equal to kindness people, why we would think Love equal to kindness people and why we reckon bad guys nothing with LOVE has The relationship.

personal Answer: Love gave to kindness will give others (LOVE with kindness people behaviour of the two of them is the same) and The Love gave stuff to bad guys The bad guys don’t want to give to others. (The Love and bad guys is different behaviour).

9 Subjective is us and all thing.

number 9 only has a friend is 0.

Good people exist because of LOVE, also bad people exist because of LOVE.


The LOVE just only gave us an existence chance, Love not a rule anyway, what are you do rebellious matter but you always still follow a rule was 9.

we exist because of love you also because of love myself to leave

if you begin to hate all the world, proven you this is of only just have love self goals. your goal only is to love yourself, everything you see in your eyes is yourself and your mind there is the only goal in thought love self. We must combine love ourselves.

with love others. Otherwise, you can easily break the law love this world people need to be protected, they hard to protect himself because true love includes devils. devils also share the love, they will only teach you to absorb the love that others give own. actually, I don’t know hell does it exist but I think light bulb in the hell is by angels turn on the light. If you still in the hell proven you no enough hate to the world. Because you still love certain things maybe are other people or yourself. All of us follow a rule was the existence. we should not live in the past and nor should they live in the future but if you have time, you can go back and take a look and can also go to the future but remember to go back home. whatever you live in the thoughts world(6) or live in the matter world(3) both will be affected. Because you exist. whatever however smart are you, you will be affected.

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