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You start to calorie control, debating every bite that you eat. You make it a point to visit the gym at least three times a day. You wear extra baggy clothing so no one can tell your precise figure. You start to look up ways to make your complexion better, your skin taut and your body hair is gone. 

You do not know where and when this started, but you have been hating your body. You do not like the way it looks. Your appearance makes you unhappy and you then beat yourself over it, yourself. You do not think of yourself as beautiful. All you find are flaws. 

If this is something that you can relate to, and is part of your daily struggle, then you are a victim of body shaming. Perhaps it was people who first started calling you out on your appearance, but now you have taken the baton, and are body shaming yourself, yourself. 

The impact of body shaming

Body shaming is not composite of words; its metaphorical daggers that pierce the mind and the soul. The trauma that it results in causes people to experience extreme anguish and face mental health problems like depression, eating disorder, BDD, anxiety, that require therapy from Hameed Latif Hospital

Therefore, it is vital that you end the cycle of body shaming. Yes, we live in a society that is fixated on the superficial appearance, however, we do not have to conform to the problematic standards. Not only is it hurting yourself, but your prospects in life as well. 

Stop shaming yourself 


Focus on the good

Whenever you start to experience dislike for yourself, start to focus on the good. If writing it down helps, then start a journal about it. Appreciate your body for the very many things that it does for you. 

From basic things breathing to blinking to more complicated things like fighting diseases, and birthing for women, everything that our body does for us in incredible. So, every time the self-shaming thoughts creep, think of the things your body does for you instead. 

Fight the fat shaming 

You need to call out the fat shaming mindset. As long as you are healthy in your size, you do not need to be concerned about the society’s fixation on size zero. Ironically, being too thin is also a cause for concern, as it leads to health problems otherwise. 

Not only do you need to stop thinking these thoughts but make more of a political statement. Clap back at people who fat shame, albeit respectfully. Stop reading magazines that discuss celebrity body-size. Do not buy brands that make clothes exclusively for thin people. 

Treat yourself kindly 

Stop beating yourself up and being unkind to yourself. You and your body are perfect. If you do not show yourself compassion, others will not either as well. When the entire world is putting you down, at least stand up for yourself. 

Unfortunately, we can be nicer to others but are harshest on ourselves. So, try to treat yourself like you would others. 

Understand the issue

You were not born hating yourself. There was something that caused you to dislike yourself. Perhaps it was your family, perhaps your friends. May be the societal standards are at play, but you need to understand the other that is behind your perception. 

Once you do, you will realize that the thought of hating yourself did not originate from you. It is not something that you are responsible for. It will help you then let go of the problem.

Seek professional therapy 

Body shame carries a lot of trauma as well. Depression, suicide ideation, anxiety are some of the problems that body shaming may cause. Moreover, for some people, the issue is deep founded. Hence, you might also benefit from seeking help from the Best Psychologist in Karachi.

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