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As a teenager, I admired the glamorous lives that I believed my favorite pop stars led. They looked so perfect to my young eyes, and I had no clue how messy their lives could get. As I grew older, the realization that celebrities have their own set of problems dawned on me. It became clear to me that living the life of a celebrity isn’t as great as I’d once thought. Here’s why I wouldn’t make it as a celebrity.

Constant Scrutiny

I’m very sensitive to negative comments and you can say that I never developed a very thick skin. I may put on a brave face and pretend to ignore comments but I do take everything to heart. It seems almost impossible for me to withstand the scrutiny that celebrities are subject to. Tabloid running stories titled “Did Nathan Fillion Lose Weight” would drive me mad if I were him.

No Privacy Whatsoever

Yes, I understand that the “paparazzi” are doing their jobs when they leak photos and stories about celebrities..  But it certainly means there is very little privacy in the lives of celebrities. It’s worse for celebrity couples – remember when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s entire relationship was broadcast to the whole nation and beyond? These things are practically normal for any celebrity’s life – there is absolutely no privacy. This is why many of them opt to buy large mansions surrounded with massive lawns. They’re to keep people at a distance. 

Society Expects Too Much From Celebrities

The mistakes we are willing to forgo when it comes to normal, everyday people are often unforgivable for celebrities. Too much is expected from them because society puts them on a pedestal. How many of us have had fights with our loved ones? How many of us are stuck in a bad and abusive marriage? Yet, when we go to court it is between us, the lawyers, and the judge. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have certainly not been treated so kindly, and they are forced to hand their dirty laundry out for everyone to see. I’m sure none of us would appreciate being in their places. 

They Need To Choreograph Their Lives

A big enough celebrity will likely have a publicist for all their dealings with the public. For me, that feels dishonest, and I wouldn’t handle pretending to be someone I’m not. If you see a celebrity that doesn’t have too much bad press – they’re either forgotten completely, or they have been filtered down for the public. Trying to plan our every word you say is difficult, and I prefer my life  to be a little more random and real. 

To make a long story short, celebrities may live glamorous lives – but the price for that is steep. Losing my privacy is something I do not want to even contemplate, let alone consider as a norm. I wouldn’t make it a day in the life of a celebrity, because I’d handle it very badly.

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