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Ideas for wedding venues

Every young couple who decided to tie the knot wants their celebration to be the most original and unparalleled in the past. The bride and groom carefully plan their wedding and choose unique decorations, venues and outfits. In order for the ceremony to be remembered by the guests for a long time, it is necessary to think over the concept and decide on the place where the solemn part will take place.

How to choose wedding locations

There are only two main points that newlyweds pay attention to in the first place.The first is photography and videography packages for weddings, and the second is the cost of the wedding venues. A wedding is an event that should remain in the memory of guests and heroes of the occasion for a lifetime, so the choice of a specialist must be approached carefully. Having determined the average cost of a photographer for a wedding, the rest of the prices can be calculated. 

Vanilla Brides recommends not to save on the wedding venue, because the mood of everyone around you depends on it. Those close to you will be sympathetic to a quiet, cozy celebration at home and will enthusiastically share the idea of a banquet on a small yacht. In the warm season, you can have a picnic in the open air, and in the winter – rent a cottage outside the city. We have collected for you the best options for places where you can celebrate your wedding with special glamor.

On the banks of a river or ocean

The holiday spent by the water will never be forgotten. It can be a small playground on the beach or a court equipped with tables. Newlyweds can launch boats with vows on the water or simply arrange an incredible photo session at sunset. For the price of wedding photographers who can bring unique ideas to life, visit the Vanilla Brides website

Blooming garden

If you know places with abundant flowering plants and trees, put tables in a chaotic order among such beauty and equip photo zones. You can hang lights on the branches of vegetation, which will give a romantic atmosphere, and in the shade of the bushes, make a place for musical accompaniment. Guests and newlyweds will be delighted!

Roof of a multi-storey building

Small venues for romantic dinners on specially adapted roofs are very popular with the brave and creative youth. A rooftop wedding will be a unique solution that will amaze everyone in the room. The lights of the city at night will create an incredible atmosphere and awaken the energy of guests. You won’t even have to bother with the decorations, because the view from the roof will not overcome anything.

Yacht and motor ship

The ship will take you on the waves away from prying eyes and give you the opportunity to make noise and have fun without disturbing other people. Decorate the deck in your favorite colors and cover the furesh with an abundance of snacks and drinks. Relaxing music will help you to plunge headlong into the celebration.

In order for the wedding to turn out at the highest level, contact professional organizers and choose photographers who will capture lovely moments with high quality.

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