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Asylum Process

Every day something new happens in this world. From minor fights among people to a high level of disputes among different groups are still common in some places despite all the advancement and knowledge. War is also a part of it. Some developing countries and countries facing poverty issues are facing these problems more than others.

Sometimes people have to leave their homeland in order to get themselves protected. This protection can be achieved in any European or other developed countries. The United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Canada, etc. are some common countries people opt for in order to get protection.

But this protection cannot be provided to you as you are getting a new hostel or as you just travel to a new country and feel that you are protected. There is a procedure behind it. You have to get asylum in Sweden or any other country to get protection in that country. And this asylum is also not that easy to get. You have to fulfill all the terms and conditions of the country you are desiring to get asylum.

Some people believe that getting asylum is not a patriotic move for your homeland. But this is not true as your life and safety and that of your family should be the first thing to matter to you. You have to write your statements and then the country will approve your application before giving you asylum.

This is a time taking process. You have to wait for some weeks to receive your asylum. As you are away from your home country, and at the same time you have feelings of fear, the fear of losing even your life in case you don’t manage to get asylum. This might lead you to various mental health issues while waiting for asylum. Some issues will remain with you even after you get asylum. This is due to your attraction towards your mother country.

Following are some common mental health issues that can be observed in people who are waiting for asylum or in those who have got it.


Anxiety is the most common thing to happen with you during the asylum process. It is basically your body’s neutral response to stress. You might get stressed while waiting for asylum. This response often comes in the condition when you are scared of something coming or the result of something is going to show.

This anxiety is the same as someone can feel during the first day at school, or during exams. But the duration might be long in the case of asylum, as you have to wait for some weeks to get it. Similarly, you also have fear of being rejected or fear of returning to the country where your life is not safe. You can also feel anxiety at the start because you are away from your mother country.


PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder and is one of the mental issues that you might have to face during the asylum process. This is basically a strong feeling of being stressed. This will happen to you when something frightening happens to you and you cannot forget it despite all your efforts.

As you only get asylum when you have a threat of life in your home country, the reminder of this fear can lead to PTSD. With this problem, your mood changes, and your way of thinking will also change. You can feel fear anytime you remember about those life-threatening events due to which you are getting asylum.


You might be shocked to see this disorder here. But this is also a mental disorder. This is the condition when someone loses control over his/her bladder and as result cannot hold for urination. This mostly happens in young kids from age 0 to 3 years, as they don’t know how to control it.

But during the asylum process, you can also face this issue. The reason behind this is that during the process your brain might get stressed. It might not let you to mentally control your bladder. It’s important to get in touch with a therapist when you manage to get protection in Sweden or any other country, as nothing is more important than your well-being.

If you want to go to Sweden, first you must know Immigration Laws in Sweden so that there will be no problem in your settlement.

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