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There are many tips and tricks to expand your YouTube channel, and too many are subjective. This trick works well for this kind of channel, and for this type of channel this tip is better. Sadly, when talking about succeeding on YouTube, there are not many tough certainties. You don’t get beyond the “do not steal content” stuff at least once.

The answer is a little more reliable when it comes to intros and outros – though not absolute.

You need an intro and outro YouTube, then? Yes! You should consider introducing and outsourcing as an essential part of your process when you want to grow your channel and your brand on YouTube.

Why do intro and outro matter?

The importance of the intros is different from the outros, so we’ll look at the two individually.

Introduction YouTube Video

The main reason for an intro is the retention of new visitors. If you try to build your channel, of course you will always work to bring new viewers. Obtaining a viewer in your video is of course only half a struggle—you want to watch the video. Sign in on your channel, all of them well.

Neither is likely to occur if, in the first 20 seconds, you lose interest.Your existing subscribers will be forgiven for not being able to achieve what you can expect from you in your video. She’s subscribed, after all. But new viewers can tend very quickly to click away if they feel that your video will not tell them what it was made for.

With an introduction, you can determine who you are and about the video quickly, so that new viewers can keep watching.

Outro Videos – End Cards -End Screens

As much as we hate to admit it, we remember to click, see other videos and do everything else that helps to get the channel. Viewers simply don’t think about that much of the time, but you can help with a gentle reminder. Need evidence?

When you come to the movies the next time, look around when the previews invite the public to turn off their telephones. We are all aware that you shouldn’t use – or at least silence – your phone in the movies, but see how many people are turning off their phones while it is announced. It works to remind people.

And it’s not like you say, “If you liked this, why not hit and subscribe?” someone will like you if they don’t want you first and foremost. And it’s not like you. However, at the beginning of the video, be a bit wary of asking people to like and sign up. It is swear to some YouTuber, but it is a bit presumptive for many viewers.

Furthermore, your outro is the perfect place for all channel housekeeping services, like thanking Mr. Patreons and recommending your other videos, but later on we will learn more about how to put outdoor work together.

How To Make Good Intro Video For Your Channel

You are not out of your welcome with the first rule of making a good YouTube intro. It does not take any universal time for each video, but it is crucial to find the nice place between getting enough information in a short time to ensure that your viewers are not annoyed or bored in the first fifteen seconds, which is generally a popular intro length.

However, it is not just about receiving all the information you want. You must do it in such a way that your audience is involved. If you start your video with high-speed jabbering to squeeze it all like a pharmaceutical disclaimer, it doesn’t go well.

A good structure for your introduction is to first explain what the video is about, then introduce yourself and your channel, and finally get into the content. This way, the viewer knows right away if the video is what they’re looking for, and they’re more likely to stick around for the rest of the intro to get to the content.

If You don’t know how to create stunning intro  videos then don’t worry just download the best intro maker apps on your phone and then start editing your videos. The main benefit of using these apps are their predefined video templates are very easy to customize, anyone can create videos within minutes.

Creating an Effective Outro for Your YouTube Video

Outros are a completely different ballgame. If a viewer is watching your outro, it means they’ve already seen your entire video and are interested in you. While you should never waffle in your videos, you don’t need to be as concerned with getting your message across in an outro as you are in an intro.

The outro is a natural place to wrap things up, thank people, and politely suggest that they like and subscribe if they enjoyed the content. However, the most practical application of your outro is to direct your viewers to additional content on your channel that is related to what they have just watched.

The important thing to remember here is to include a call to action in your outro. That call to action could be as simple as liking and subscribing, or it could be as complex as watching another video or visiting your website. If a viewer has seen your entire video, they are more likely to be interested in what else you have to offer. In this case, not having a call to action is a missed opportunity.

How Do You Create a YouTube Outro Video Using Your Phone?

While your level of control over your intro may be limited when compared to outros created on a computer, there are phone apps that do an admirable job.Outro Maker is one such app, but there are others available.The main advantage of using these apps is that their pre-made video templates are incredibly easy to edit, allowing anyone to make movies in minutes.


Having an intro and outro on your YouTube video isn’t required—channels can succeed without them—but we believe you’ll be making life more difficult for yourself if you don’t use them. They are an excellent way to establish your brand, convey important information, hook your audience at the beginning, and direct them to more of your content at the end.

They are especially beneficial for channels that receive a lot of new traffic, as they play an important role in converting unique views into long-term subscribers and establishing your brand with that viewer.






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