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It is essential to understand that finding a new employee is a great expense that you have to double-check before you make up your mind. Most employers hope to find someone who will stay in the organization for a long time and deliver proper work that will improve the overall business. However, it is simple to make a bad hire, which is something you need to remember as an employer.

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In the best situation, you will realize that you have found someone who is not compatible with your team, and you can fire him or her before the harm affects your business.

On the other hand, you have to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario in which the lousy employee will lower down the workplace morale, fail to handle the job properly, and cause other issues to your business.

The best way to reduce this particular problem is by conducting a background screening before offering a contract to a potential candidate. That will help you determine relevant details you should know so that you can decide whether or not it will boost your business.

Information to Cover in Pre-Employment Background Screening?

Remember that standard checkup includes finding a person’s social security number, birthday, and name so that you can collect information by using both private and public databases.

The best way to do it is to find the third-party agency that will do it for you because that way, you will reduce the possibility of breaking the laws and regulations.

Remember that background checks should contain these things:

  • Verification of Identity – It is vital to confirm that the applicant provided you accurate social security number and contact information. At the same time, you should check out whether he/she has the legal rights to work in your country and whether it is a legal citizen or not.
  • Criminal History – You should also check out whether that particular someone has previous convictions, probation as well as other warrants. Other areas include whether he/she has sex offender history or government watch list, which are vital for determining the proper person.
  • History Of Employment – By determining the previous jobs, you will be able to see whether you have accurate work history within the CV or not.
  • Education – You should verify the accuracy of the degrees and universities you have found in the resume as well as other diplomas that are relevant to the position you wish to discover.
  • Licenses and Certifications – Most background checks for employees require you to consider all certifications and permits required for the particular position you wish to fill.Therefore, if you aresearching to fill the area that requires government-issued credentials, you should check public databases to determine whether everything you got is relevant.
  • Motor Vehicle Records – You can also check out whether the potential candidate has been involved in citations and road accidents, especially if the position requires constant driving.

Remember that background checks for employees are essential ways to determine whether an applicant is honest about the past. You will be able to expand the checkup by talking with the previous employers and by analyzing the social media accounts.

It is vital to gather as much information as you can so that you can find the right person for the job.

Why Should You Do It?

The main reason for conducting a background screening is to understand the applicants’ background before hiring one of them. We decided to present to you the advantages of being proactive in this particular situation:

  • Verify The Qualifications – Remember that some people tend to lie in their resumes and CVs, especially when it comes to educational background. That is the main reason why you should check everything so that you can reduce the chances of hiring someone who doesn’t come with proper qualifications.
  • Character Check – At the same time, people tend to exaggerate their background, which is the worst thing because it shows that you cannot trust that particular someone. The idea is to ensure that you find someone confident who doesn’t have a problem saying something about the problematic past because honesty is most important for creating the right team.

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  • Protect Your Workplace – Apart from the idea that you will be able to analyze the applicant, you will be able to protect your company, customers, and employees as well.


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