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MBBS AbroadBroad Understanding of MBBS Abroad

Medical study in India

Making a dream from aspiration to reality is a tale worth telling, time and again. Especially, when it glitters with the struggles overcome by the many benefits and finally growing towards a glorious and victorious ending. 

Medical study in India is one such field which though is considered difficult is still always a favourite and preferred career among the students since decades.

With lakhs of the students opting medical studies after their class 10 and then studying hard to qualify the NEET UG exam to pursue their interest. MBBS can be said to be quite a field of commons in India. However, not many commoners get the privilege to study it.

The limited seats and resources

The limited seats and resources available in the country to cater all the students who fulfill the eligibility criteria has made the entrance a cut-throat-rat-race, where only a fistful of the top cream can study for their dreams.

The remaining are either compelled to undergo the required medical training at the expense of big educational loans with an even bigger rate of interest.

In such a scenario, pursuing MBBS abroad can not be claimed as an out-of-the-box option but rather, is seemingly, a more feasible, cost effective and efficient way out.

This can be proven with the fact that every year no less than 8000 students join the almost 15000 other Indian students studying abroad.

Struggles of medical students of India

Done with the struggles of medical students of India which reasons for their choice of pursuing MBBS abroad. There are ample number of additional benefits which can be ordained by the students who take upon this path of success. Some of those benefits are listed below as:

  • Abundant exposure of opportunities at an international level
  • A comparatively more affordable and resourceful education when compared to private medical colleges of India.
  • Emphasis on the learning promoting holistic development.
  • A healthy student-life balance
  • More areas available to discover your true potential and interests
  • A characteristic personality development
  • Unlimited career opportunities- conventional as well as un-conventional
  • Global recognition of the education and training attained

Additional benefits of studying MBBS abroad

The above mentioned are some of the few additional benefits of studying MBBS abroad for the students. But many parents and students face the first struggle to choose which country is the best for medical education.

The definition of the ‘best’ is subjective for each and every individual and is totally dependent upon the personal need and preference. Therefore, it is always better to take the help of a professional before making the final decision. 

Certainly countries like New Zealand, USA, London, Australia, Canada, Germany etc are well-reputed for their advanced medical learning however the statistics show that not many students from India pursue their MBBS from these countries.

This data is in extreme contrast with that of the number of students who choose to pursue their MBBS in Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Armenia, Caribbean Islands, etc.

every year, due to the fact that studying MBBS in these latter countries is more affordable and feasible as compared to the former group of nations.

The second group of countries brings along a pocket friendly solution for a globally reputed education and leisure living stay, and thus are reasonably a rational choice.

But since the spring never stays long, not everything about MBBS abroad is a blissful journey of dream to a reality. There are some of the challenges of the MBBS abroad when it comes to the students. 

  • The Language Constraints

No matter how proficient you are in your skills, when studying in the foreign land, there is a requirement to learn the native language to get the best of the experience.

In countries such as Bangladesh and that of Carribean Islands, English is the language of the common use, and you do not have to learn any other language. 

MBBS  Abroad
MBBS Study Abroad!

However when it comes to countries like Russia, China, etc, you have to learn the local language  as a part of their international program in order to communicate better with the locals during the clinical rotation.

Therefore, if you plan to study MBBS abroad, learning a new language is inevitable for your own good.

  • Difficulty in Adaptation

Starting from the weather conditions, the staple food and cultural differences many students find it extremely difficult to adapt in a new environment.

When compared on similarities with the cultural and climatic factors, Bangladesh can be leading the choices.

MBBS Abroad
Difficulty in Adaptation

In regards to the other choices, things might be difficult initially but once you learn to overcome these barriers you can experience the rich and diverse surroundings adding to your lifelong memorable experience. 

  • Discrimination

When studying MBBS abroad, there is a chance that the students might have to face the religious or racial discrimination.

Though the university ensures equity and equality for all its students and takes the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the international students, there is still a miniscule chance that the student may be bullied outside the premises.

MBBS Abroad

Therefore, the students are required to be extremely cautious, careful and seek the appropriate assistance whenever required.

It is not just the abroad where the students might have to face discrimination, even in their own country, as the foreign medical graduates have seperate eligibility procedures and thus are once again appear to be discriminated. 


When we weigh the assured benefits the students opting MBBS abroad get, and the challenges they might have to deal with, the benefits clearly outnumber the limitations of MBBS study abroad.

What is required by the students is to do their best in whatever they choose to and devote themselves towards achieving their goal.

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