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Many nonprofits adopt data-driven approaches to support their missions and achieve greater impacts on their communities. But the data must be current, complete and clean. Powerful nonprofit software solutions such as Salesforce NPSP offer relationship-based approaches for constituent management. Adding tools such as Omatic can improve data quality and provide better insights on that data. And these inputs are key to sound decision-making within any organization.

Why Automation Is So Important

Whether your nonprofit has 50 constituents or 1,000, it keeps records for these individuals, households or organizations. When inaccuracies in these records exist, data cleanup must be performed. Manual cleanup is both time- and labor-intensive, and you could still end up with errors when the process is done. But high-quality automatic saves time, money and resources – and that’s what solutions like Omatic Data Cloud can accomplish for your nonprofit.

Omatic Cloud Data Manager is a robust application that automates data reviewing, cleanup and merging. It automatically imports contacts from original source files. Sophisticated algorithms guide its review, cleanup and merging. Data Manager integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce NPSP, Blackbaud, Raiser’s Edge and Altru. Even if you’re using multiple CRM applications, Omatic Cloud can automate data management from all of them. And with its user-friendly controls, you don’t need to be an IT expert to use it.

How Importing Your Data Using Omatic Can Clean Up Your Data

Omatic works with the most popular CRM and database tools on the market: Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud, Altru and Salesforce. Omatic is a Salesforce partner with 20 years of expertise in nonprofit data management, health and integration. And a key part of its Salesforce integration solution is Omatic Cloud.

if you know anything about CRM software or databases in general, you understand how inconsistencies develop. With donations coming in from multiple sources – online, in person, by mail or via telephone – one donor could have duplicate entries in your records. Such duplication can lead to inefficiencies, wasted time and less effective decision-making. Omatic Cloud resolves these issues by merging disconnected data, cutting down on errors and boosting data quality.

How does Omatic Cloud work? Well, say you have a donor, Ian MacNicol, who donated through your website. But there’s also an “Iain MacNicol” in your records with no address listed. There’s also a “Mr. Anne MacNicol” listed at the same address as Ian MacNicol – this entry was keyed in during a phone pledge drive. Omatic Cloud uses similarity scoring to find these records, determine that they’re duplicates and merge them. You now have only one record for Mr. MacNicol, not three. All his data is accessible and safely located in one spot.

A Few Last Words on Data Integration

CRM systems like Salesforce NPSP put incredible tools in your hands. But manual data management can feel a little like herding cats. Omatic Cloud simplifies things with Salesforce data integration incorporating time-saving automation, smart data hygiene processes and bidirectional data flow for consistency across your entire organization.

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