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A modern kitchen ceramic cookware involves typical designs that balance the aspects of functionality and aesthetics.

Foremost, a modern kitchen is mainly designed and developed with sophisticated gadgetries that ensure accomplishment of specific desires.

Gaggenau provides you with impressive appliances that not only give the feeling of satisfaction but also cover the merits of a workspace. Modern kitchen designs implemented by Gaggenau involve essential traits that make your kitchen attractive and more accessible.

Below are the Impressive Gaggenau Appliances for Your Modern Kitchen;

Steam Ovens

  • There over 400 types of Gaggenau steam ovens that are available in different sizes including 76cm and 60cm widths.
  • The Gaggenau steam ovens allow you to cook with various methods such steaming without pressure, full surface grill, fan oven and fan with steam.
  • A touch control panel enables the cooking process to feel more comfortable.

Coffee machine

  • Gaggenau also has numerous brands of coffee machines that help you prepare different types of espresso, milk-based drinks or any other beverage such as tea.
  • The appliance requires no warm-up time to heat the beverages and maintains the set temperature throughout the processing period.


  • Gaggenau provides you with a wide range of hobs that allow for different processes of cooking. These include methods such as intense browning that require high power and simmering that require low power.
  • The appliance enables you to choose on whether to use gas or electricity or both. The appliance is controlled by a touch display that indicates the amount of power to heat the cooking materials.

Fridges and Freezers

  • Gaggenau offers a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers to your kitchen following different climatic zones. The food storage appliances control that exact temperature that is likely to minimise food waste.
  • A combination of varying temperature formed by the Gaggenau refrigerators and freezers provides your kitchen with a sophisticated cooling wall. The appliances manufactured in different forms are likely to merge with your kitchen design.


  • Gaggenau extractors are ventilation systems that eliminate odour or microscopic particles and create the right freshness in your kitchen.
  • The appliance can extract a large amount of scent from your cooking area. This way, your home is free from kitchen smells.

Ovens and Microwaves

  • Gaggenau has over 400 series of ovens that create a striking presence in your kitchen. The ovens vary by the materials of constructions such as stainless steels among other metals.
  • There are also hand-less ovens whose doors extend beyond the furniture’s cavity and opens automatically with a touch on the control panel.
  • The appliances develop significant prospects for your kitchen design primarily because of their effectiveness and advanced technology.


In summary;

Simply put Gaggenau designs ensure that your kitchen has a well-spaced working layout especially to the storage, cleaning and walking units that seem obstructive while cooking.

The microwaves present in the modern kitchen can be used to warm leftovers or prepare prepackaged meals within a few minutes.

The Gaggenau appliances ensure that you have a better working space even if you have a small kitchen.

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