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Some say that rules are meant to be broken. Well, this is an overrated statement but yes, we do can break the rules sometimes.

Fashion rules count

We all know that the rules that have been made in the fashion industry should be copied because breaking them may make you look like a faux pas but so is not the case with the earrings.

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Same or different? You decide

Deciding what to wear and how to wear has been a debatable topic and weave discussed so much about it but now the facts and figures seem to be different. Wearing the same earrings have been the fashion rule since ages but now is the time that we change some fashion rules and bring our own. Yes, wearing two different earrings is the new funky thing and people are for sure loving it.

Is following the fashion rules that necessary?

No. Following the fashion rules is a great thing but sometimes to bring some more creativity in your outfits, you may break the rules. People have overgeneralized the rules and this is not how we will be able to grow. If we want to grow, we need to accept the change and this is our motto now. If you like a thing, accept it but if you don’t like it, do not.  Your life should have its own rules but those rules should not harm anyone. If you think that a rule you have made for your life is harming anyone, just shake it off. This is the only way you will be able to make your life just like heaven. Oh wait, we have gone too far while discussing the rules and rules of life. Soo, just let’s go with some fashion rules.

Throw out the fashion rules you do not like

If you think that you are not liking a rule, you can throw it off. Titis not necessary for you to wear matchings do with your outfits. You can wear anything you like. Also, if you think that you do not feel like wearing matching earrings anymore, you can shake his rule off as well. Rules are made so that people may carry out some particular commands in a proper way but this is so not the case with the fashion trends as well.

Where to find the best and newest trends online?

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Street styles

Street styles and fashion influencers tell us a lot about the latest trends and fashion styles. A lot of runways have started to tell us that the traditional trend of wearing matching earrings is so not there now. You can go for different earrings and still own the look you got.



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