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How to improve Sitecore CMS skills.How to improve Sitecore CMS skills.


A content management system, popularly known as CMS is a type of computer software, which is used to handle the digitalization of content used in a computer. For Web content management, one uses CMS software for efficient updates and thereby saving time and cost. It not only has control over the content but also publishes content easily with an opportunity of keeping a track of your data on your website.

Some of the most widely used open-source content management System platforms are:

  1. Sitecore
  2. WordPress
  3. Joomla
  4. Drupal

    What is Sitecore ? 

At present the world’s leading content management system in Sitecore. Not only one can manage content here efficiently but also you can optimize and personalize your content. Sitecore allows you to deliver the message to the right person at the right time. It provides you customer insights and helps you in the utilization of all the data that is incurred by you and your team.

There are some powerful Sitecore managing tools that the developer needs to handle software programming easily and efficiently. They are-

  1. Team Development for Sitecore(TDS)

It is a commercial tool that highly improves your Sitecore execution process.

  1. Sitecore Rocks.

With perfect agility and flexibility, these tools provide visual setups for interactions free of cost.

  1. Sitecore Instance Manager

This free tool gives a lot of powers and function while installing a Sitecore program and even dealing with day to day management.

  1. Win Merge

This free tool helps in upgrading your projects on the main website easily and efficiently and even helps in importing and exporting files smoothly.

  1. Sitecore support packge generator.

It helps you easily to supply all the various information you need about the environment, logs, etc. it collates and compiles everything and just with a click of a button provides you the details that you need.

  1. Glass Mapper

It is an object Relations Mapper that connects your C# types to your Sitecore directly. Automatically you will be able to obtain classes and you can write secure code and improve your skills.

  1. Sitecore Glimpse

It provides runtime diagnostics for websites to show you the inner workings of your applications. In one word, it gives you a glimpse of the process of data retrieval and how data information is forwarded to the client browser.

  1. Sitecore log Analyser

It is a standalone unique exe, which helps in scanning the problems that your website is facing. It helps in the scanning of all errors and of debugging that the developer faces.

  1. Sitecore developer tools for chrome

For Chrome users, Sitecore developers’ tools are quite easy and simple. It creates a number of short cuts while using c# sitecore faces.Now after knowing the types of tools that Sitecore provides, how can one improve their expertise in this content management system?

Well, there are a few tips that can help you in becoming n expert Sitecore web developer.

  1. Strong programming skills.

Since Sitecore is based on a web content management system, one needs to have strong programming skills and needs to have in-depth knowledge of software deployment. Some of the programming skills needed to become an expert in Sitecoreare:-

  1. Javascript
  2. Html
  3. CSS
  4. XML
  5. Expert in database

One must have highly strong database management and administrative knowledge to get the job of a Sitecore developer. One must have a complete idea of relations between different database ends and triggers that are needed in Sitecoredevelopment.

  1. Language Scripters !

Some of the scripting languages are – javascript. XML, CSS, XSLT, XSL. One must have a common understanding of these languages to create high-end websites and web applications. You also have to know the knowledge of HTML, DHTML.

  1. Knowledge of Web principles.

A smart candidate is one who has an understanding of the functioning of CMS, basics of information architecture and publishing, and content management to become a part of the web development platform.

  1. Avid reading skills

To be an expert, one has to read voraciously and avidly all that is available about Sitecore both online and offline paperbacks.

Some of the best books available on Sitecoreare :

  1. Professional Sitecore development by John West
  2. The passionate programmer by Chad Fowler
  3. Clean code: a handbook of agile software craftsmanship by Robert Martin

Other than paperbacks, one can also learn from social media, blogs on Sitecore, community articles, and other places.

  1. Sitecore Training Courses

For the proper understanding of each concept and gasping of every theory, one needs to take every online course available on Sitecore developments. Courses on Udemy are very much easy to learn and easy to comprehend. Other than that one can take courses on

  1. Sitecore experience solution developer course
  2. Sitecore web experience management course
  3. Sitecore developer foundation course
  4. Learn from others.

Unless you reach out to others, you won’t be able to understand the level of water you are standing in. create some projects based on Sitecore at your own home and show it to different other experienced developers and website programmers. Let them provide you some feedback. That would help you to build up your confidence and modify your faults and errors.  Attend conferences and webinars where Sitecore developers tell stories of their success and how they overcame different hurdles of their lives. This would motivate you and inspire you to move forward.

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Sitecore certification is very high in demand due to its prophetic features of becoming the rank one in high-end e-commerce and artificial intelligence integration jobs. A Sitecore developer in India earns more than 8 lakhs per annum therefore one can understand its worth in the market. Sitecore not only is providing a lump some salary package with luxurious perks and other facilities and an excellent career for those who have a certified expert in this management but also a bright way ahead in the realm of technology and civilization of the present millennium.

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