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World CupIn-game wagering for the 2022 World Cup
World Cup
In-game wagering for the 2022 World Cup

Many soccer fans have discovered that holding out on placing their bets until the game has started gives them an advantage. Before choosing how to bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022, doing so will enable you to assess the style of play and whether one team is controlling the game.

Every bookmaker will provide World Cup in-game betting, and many of the markets are the same as those available prior to kickoff, but with slightly changed odds. Up until one team scores a few goals more than the other, of course, the 1 X 2 market will be available. 

However, once the game starts, other markets like Next Team to Score, Over / Under Cards, Over / Under Goals, and Next Player to Score will also likely become available.

Advice for World Cup 2022 betting

Like any big sporting event, the World Cup group stage’s unpredictability can make it challenging to forecast who will win the championship.

Top online sportsbooks provide group betting, which enables bettors to select the nation they think will win a group as well as the nations they think will advance from each group.

When placing a wager on the first round, it’s crucial to consider each team’s condition and, in particular, how they fared in previous tournaments or World Cup qualifiers. 

These alternatives may be preferable to focusing on individual games because each World Cup frequently features one or two significant surprises in the early going.

Picking outright winners occasionally becomes simpler as the campaign progresses, the stakes rise, and a club that defied all odds to advance suddenly reverts to form against a seasoned international soccer juggernaut.

Betting on the overall winner may also prove to be a little more doable at this point as the field will have shrunk and the stronger teams will have demonstrated their calibre. Additionally, many sportsbooks provide “each-way” bets, which let a bettor make two predictions: one that the nation will win the competition and the other that they will make it to the final.

If you are still having trouble picking an obvious winner, placing a wager using that strategy might be the best course of action.

How is the World Cup conducted?

All 211 FIFA member associations are eligible to participate in the qualifying competitions that each of FIFA’s six continental confederations hosts. While the host nation Qatar receives an automatic entry in the Group Stage, the defending Bursa Asian Handicap champions France will still have to go through qualifying rounds as usual.

After being divided into eight groups of four teams, the 32 qualified teams will play each other in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group will move on to the round of 16, where the 2022 World Cup will switch to a straight knockout format with extra time and, if necessary, penalties to determine the victor if a match is tied after 90 minutes.

Soccer wagers that are popular


Games in the group stage can end in ties. You can wager on a third outcome as a result. Because victories are rewarded with three points and ties are only awarded with one, teams are nevertheless motivated to compete as hard as they can to win.

Obviously, 0 points equal a loss. After the round-robin matches, the two teams from each group with the most points advance to the knockout round. There is a third outcome, thus the chances of winning are typically larger, leading to higher payments.

For instance, Qatar will play Ecuador in the opening match. On fanduel Sportsbook, the odds for Qatar to win are +250, Ecuador is +105, and the odds for a tie are +210.

An entertaining strategy for a game involving two levels of opponents is to wager on ties. Ties aren’t an option once the knockout stage starts, so wager on them while you can.

Accurate score

Another entertaining strategy for watching a soccer match is to wager on the precise score. Even though it’s far simpler than betting on the outcome of a football game, it’s still very challenging. Therefore, the payments are substantial.

Fanduel Sportsbook offers some entertaining correct score wagers if you look back at the first game between Qatar and Ecuador. For instance, you can acquire a wager at +650 odds if you believe the game will conclude in a 0-0 draw.

Overall goals

You can wager on the total goals scored in a specific game, much like in other sports. There are various approaches you can take, depending on the sportsbook you wager at.

You can wager on the teams to combine for more or fewer goals than or equal to a classic number that some sportsbooks have set for the total goals.

However, other sportsbooks provide you with an entertaining method to achieve it. They will have odds set for each number, often starting at 0.5 and going all the way up to 3.5, and then those odds will be matched to the number you choose.

Playing cards

When betting on soccer, player props are a terrific way to add a second level of intrigue. A player’s ability to score, record a brace (two goals), get an assist, and more are all wagerable events.

Player props can be found in a variety of sportsbooks. Find out which ones interest you the most by exploring. Futures wagers on a competition like this one are a lot of fun. Do you think you know which nation will prevail in the end? Try placing a wager on it.

Brazil, for instance, has a chance of +450 to win the competition. They are the top picks.

You can even wager on smaller-scale futures, such as the group winners. In Group B, for instance, England is the -250 favourite to win, while the United States is the +550 favourite.

Live to wager

Soccer live betting is a fascinating way to wager on matches as you watch them. For instance, a team might score a fortunate goal early in the match while the opposing team is dominating possession and creating more possibilities in the offensive third of the field.

You may wager on the losing team to come back and win, and you’ll probably receive fantastic odds.

Hottest markets for the 2022 World Cup

What are the most well-liked markets for World Cup football betting and football games in general, given the examples we’ve already given?

Absolute markets It’s simple:

predict who will win the competition. Or who do you predict will score the most goals overall in the competition? Check out these odds, which are already being offered by many of the best World Cup betting websites online.

Single bets –

Place a wager on anything, including the first goal scorer and the total number of goals you anticipate there will be in a game. Bet on a player scoring more than a certain number of goals or on who will advance from the group stage. 

In terms of your options for World Cup football betting, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The alternatives available on sports betting websites are virtually endless thanks to the abundance of unique bets as well.

Aggregators –

Accumulators, sometimes referred to as multiple bets or even parlays, let you include many selections in a single wager. 

Many bookies provide you the chance to create your own bet by including your own specialty selections, in addition to adding numerous games or outcomes to a single wager. To maximize the winnings on these kinds of bets, always keep an eye out for accumulator bonuses.

Want to place a wager while the game is still going on? This has been the largest advancement in sports betting in recent years. Make your World Cup betting experience genuinely interactive by placing live bets. Online World Cup football betting providers will undoubtedly provide this option to put bets as the action takes place.

World Cup 2022 betting on teams versus teams

Want to wager on a certain game? Why not explore the countless markets that deal with team vs. Team betting? Some of the more well-liked choices are as follows:

Who will win the game, according to the odds? Or will it end in a tie? Without mentioning the most traditional and possibly most well-liked sort of football betting market, no World Cup betting guide would be complete. Why not support that conclusion because you have an opinion?

Markets for goal scorers Wish someone would score in the match? Maybe you have a gut instinct that he will come in first or perhaps last. You might even predict that he will score multiple goals. With the popular goalscorer markets World Cup betting odds options, you may wager on all of these scenarios and more.

Handicaps – Why not add some intrigue to a game where one team is greatly favored and practically likely to win? With handicap markets, you can back a side with a restriction, such as backing one team to win with two goals conceded prior to the game. The wager becomes not only more fiercely competitive but also possibly very profitable.

World Cup 2022 Betting Strategies and Tips

The majority of experienced bettors take their betting seriously and employ a plan, if you will.

Why not create your own football World Cup betting system? For improved possibilities, look at these World Cup betting recommendations.

The truth is that placing a wager without any thought rarely pays out. Even if you might strike it lucky once or twice, odds are that you won’t win many bets.

Searching for the best odds on an event you are certain in using numerous markets and even different betting sites is a fantastic method to follow. A slight variation in the odds can have a significant impact on your return. The difference can be substantial across a number of successful wagers.

Keep an eye out for betting incentives that might increase your earnings or perhaps offset your losses as another World Cup betting tip. For instance, if you bet on one team to win, many bookies will refund your money if the game ends in a draw.

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