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Technology is a blessing. Businesses and job opportunity that didn’t exist some 30 years ago are now big businesses or offer huge job opportunity for a lot of people just due to the change in technology or invention of certain technology. For example, before computer or internet existed, there was no such thing called business process outsourcing. There was no way to outsource any clipping path service or ghost mannequin editing job. This is now possible as internet made is easy for people to offer their services online and connect with each other.

What Makes Clipping Path Service So Exciting

Clipping path service is an exciting area of photoshop outsourcing world. In this world, freelancers from developing countries who otherwise would have to look for jobs or not have any job at all are getting them educated and trained in this area. They are now offering their skilled service to foreign clients from developing countries either as freelancers or independent business owners.

There are so many clipping path services companies out there in developing countries such as Bangladesh that created employment for tens of thousands of people. Some are owning their own business and hiring few close friends as well as family members to fulfil client work. Soe are working as freelancers on their own making a good living. Others are few fortunate ones that are running full scale retouch studio and employing dozens of even hundreds of photoshop professionals. This is so exiting and demanding that the entire clipping path service business created a whole new buzz in Bangladesh. Many young entrepreneurs are now making it their dream to own and run a retouch studio offering ghost mannequin service.

Clipping Path vs Ghost Mannequin

You might be wondering what is the difference between clipping path and ghost mannequin. While all ghost mannequin editing requires photoshop experts to use clipping path, all clipping path job is not done to create ghost mannequin photography.

I know, it’s a little confusing to comprehend the terminology especially if you are not related to this photoshop industry. So, I will try to make this as simple as possible for you. Once you read the details on the both editing methods, you will know what they are and you will be a subject matter expert of your own in this area.

Clipping path is a process of clipping or cutting out certain object from its photo background. It can be done for various purposes. Lot of time, they are done simply to remove the product background. There are times when it is done to create special object feature such as ghost mannequin. When ghost mannequin is the ultimate target of clipping a photo, further editing is required to create that final output. So the clipping is done not just to perform the final or one and only edit job, it is done as a part of the entire edit job.

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