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After coming across several researches on botany, ‘flower power’ has been proved yet again. No matter what situation you’re going through or what mood you’re in, your mood will certainly improve when you see flowers or you’re in close proximity with them. It is needless to mention that rose is a special flower that interests people of all ages. 

The red and pink flowers that grow in your garden are refreshing not only to your eyes but also to the mind. You may not have been familiar with the fact that rose is a medicinal flower that has medicinal properties. Whether you have preserved roses in a box or a bouquet made with roses on your bedside table, you will certainly reap the benefits of the plant. Read on to know the multiple benefits of flowers. 

Benefits of keeping flowers near you

  • Flowers help in healing cold

No, don’t seem to misunderstand this thinking that flowers can cure common cold and other illnesses. This is not the fact. But when you keep flowers in your close proximity, this can help in reducing the occurrence of these illnesses. In the winter season, there is lot of infection due to lack of humidity. But keeping flowers in your room will add moisture to the atmosphere. 

  • Flowers boost memory

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, according to science, this is possible. Flowers and plants add oxygen to the air. Oxygen improves your brain cells and this heightens clarity, memory, and concentration. Hence, flowers can be an added factor for those suffering from dementia and other memory issues. You may consider flowers the superfood for your brain. You can also keep preserved roses in a box and can watch it from time to time to remember those wonderful moments in your life.

  • Flowers make your mood better

At a basic level, getting flowers from someone can uplift your mood since it gives you a feeling that the person cares for you and loves you. However, even when you buy the flowers for yourself, you will still get the same feeling. When your mood is good, this also calls for good health. People in a great mood will recover from any kind of illness sooner than expected. 

  • Flowers and especially preserved roses in a box boost energy

Having freshly potted plants and flowers all over the office or home has a direct connection with positive energy. Due to the nice scent and color, you can increase the energy. Moreover, plants and flowers can boost creativity and improving the energy of the person. Try to sit by a plant or open the box of well preserved rose petals while solving puzzles, doing brain exercises, or while reading. Enjoy the view of a plant and witness a spike in mental energy.

We can thank the climate and elevation of Ecuadorian Rose Grower for creating the perfect environment for roses to thrive. 

Rose flower and its amazing health benefits

  • There is a type of tea that is made from rose petals and this improves your digestive system
  • Having rose tea is a better method of staying hydrated and losing weight
  • Rose tea is great for flushing out toxins from your body
  • When you regularly have rose team, this can aid your immune system and keep you from extracting illnesses
  • Rose petals or rose water is best for hair care and skin care
  • When you eat dried petals of rose, this works great in reducing unwanted pounds and hence helps with fat loss. It is extremely easy to make rose tea
  • Drink at least 1-2 cups of rose tea everyday for a perfect healthy life
  • You can boil 15 rose petals in water for around 20 minutes. Extract the water and drink it with sugar or honey. This has a positive effect on your heart health
  • Rose tea can prevent UTIs 
  • Rose tea is also great for preventing cough and cold since it has high amounts of Vitamin C

So, if you’re convinced with the multiple benefits of flowers on your physical and mental health, start investing in them. Get a bunch of various flowers every day and start feeling the effects.

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