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We have not seen any acquisitions in the Indian online gambling space in the last years however this could possibly change now. Rumours are that the Indian betting giant that is Bet365 are in almost final discussions relating to an acquisition of the popular Indian online casino

It is the opinion of the general online gambling community in India that online betting you do with the betting giant bet365 and if you want to scratch your itch for online casino gambling you visit the RoyalPanda online casino. 

A possible acquisition of the RoyalPanda casino would according to us here be a logical move by the online gambling company bet365 to be able to retain Indian players better and grow revenue. 

One of the fears of the Indian online gambling community is that under the management of Bet365 the RoyalPanda casino would perhaps stop their work relating to developing new casino games that are specifically designed for the Indian casino market. 

Popular casino games which the RoyalPanda casino company have developed specifically for the Indian online gambling market include but are not limited to: Teen Patti, Indian Rummy and Super Matka. 

If you look today at the website you can see that those 3 aforementioned online casino games specifically developed for the Indian market are the 3 most popular casino games at the casino.

Bet365 is sadly not known within the Indian online gambling community for its casino game or product developments. Actually the reputation of the Bet356 online betting company is that of a tired giant. 

It is our opinion that it could be very possible that the Bet365 betting company could be looking at acquiring the younger and more vibrant RoyalPanda online gambling company to improve its own online betting platform and offering. 

As with any company acquisition one of the largest problems are retaining all the key personnel in the company that is being acquired. This is something that the bet365 online betting giant will have to carefully consider and make a plan for. 

For an acquisition to take place of by it would first have to be reviewed and approved by the shareholders of LeoVegas. The leovegas company is one one of the most popular online casino companies in western countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany and Spain. 

The leovegas company have however in recent months seen a big decrease in its online gambling revenue which have been attributed to complex gambling regulations in its target markets. 

The sale of RoyalPanda casino to the betting expert Bet365 would give the leovegas group the needed cash assets to be able to enter new markets where the online gambling regulations are not as strict and gambling taxes not as high. 

One of the markets which the LeoVegas gambling group have made positive comments about is that of the New Zealand gambling market. It is very likely that a possible cash injection to LeoVegas could fuel an expansion into the New Zealand online gambling market. 

For many reasons we see the acquisition of RoyalPanda by Bet365 as a very good thing. What are your thoughts on this? Get in contact with us. Perhaps have we overlooked something.

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