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The wicks that are used during candle manufacturing is of many kinds. Each type has a unique feature and also a different burning rate. They are like the core of a candle and without them, no candle can burn at a particular rate as they are intended to do so. Hence, wicks are considered the heart of the candle. 

Different kinds of wicks are manufactured to complement many kinds of candles, and the candle manufacturers know very well on how to work around such wicks. One such manufacturer is Aussies Candle Supplies. Their candle wicksare always of the best quality and complement perfectly with the type of wax used for preparing some candles. Visit their webpage to know more. 

Types of Wicks 

Here are some wick types that are commonly used during candle manufacturing. 

  • Cored wicks 

These are self-supporting wicks and are ideal for candles that are built with some designs such as novelties, votives, pillars, and so on. They stay rigid when pre-waxed before placing inside the wax moulds. 

  • Twisted Wicks 

These wicks can burn faster than the other wick types because of their loose construction. The gaps between the twists will make the wax reach the flame earlier and hence can burn longer than the other wick types. 

  • Braided Wicks 

These wicks are high-quality wicks and are knitted, braided, or plaited during their manufacturing. They burn very slowly and increase the shelf life of the candles. 

  • Cored Wicks 

These wicks are made from zinc, paper, cotton, or tin material. Their core will be round and will be encased with wax. 

  • Flat Wicks 

These wicks are made with three different layers of fibre. They are known for consistent burning and also for self-trimming factors. 

  • Square Wicks 

These wicks are used for taper or poured candles and are made with beeswax. 

  • Eco Wicks 

As the name says, these are the ecofriendly wicks that are made with naturally available materials such as cotton, paper, and some other such products. 

  • Hemp Wicks 

These wicks are braided hemp and burn hot with less smoke release. The candles that are made using these wicks are ideal for burning even in rooms with smaller dimensions because of less smoke releasing factor. 

Choosing the Wicks 

Based on some factors, the wicks are selected while candle manufacturing. Some are listed below. 

  • Required type of fuel 
  • Additives 
  • Melt point of the fuel 
  • Colorant percentage 
  • Shape and size of the candle designs 
  • Type of colorant 
  • Type of candle 
  • Design specific for any environment 
  • Type of the fragrant oil used 

Wooden Wicks 

These are other types of wicks that are used during the manufacturing of candles of different dimensions and designs. As the name says, these wicks are made with wood as the core material and are of two types namely softwood wicks and hardwood wicks. 

These are one of the ecofriendly wicks that are used during the manufacturing of the candles. The beauty of burning candles made of these wicks is that they make a soothing crackling sound every time you burn them. 

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