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             Ingrown hair infection

As we know, ingrown hair infection is also known as folliculitis resulting from the curling back of the hair and especially the newly growing hairs into the skin. This insertion or curling back of the hair into the skin causes infection of the skin and that is known as ingrown hair infection. Ingrown hair treatment and prevention can help in overcoming this problem effectively.

Before going into further detail about ingrown hair we need to know about hair follicles. Hair follicles are structures located into the skin and originate the growth of hair. An infected hair follicle is in most cases the cause of folliculitis. Here is what you need to know about ingrown hair infections.

How to know if there is an ingrown hair infection?

Without knowing about the symptoms of ingrown hairs, it is difficult for a person to identify this disorder. Therefore, you must know the symptoms of folliculitis. Here is the most common causes of ingrown hair infection.

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An ingrown hair may appear as a red bump on your skin anywhere in the whole body. But there are more possibilities for such an infection to occur at the chin, neck, and other nearby areas. You can easily identify the ingrown hair by observing if there is any swelling, itching, irritation, and red-colored spots on your skin.

Ingrown hair cyst:

Although the ingrown hairs start as red-colored itchy spots on your skin, if not treated well, the condition may worsen and result in skin-related infections.

However, if the treatment is cure delayed further, the itchy bump gets bigger in size with time. And eventually, the bump leads to a large-sized structure that is painful and pus-filled at the same time. This structure is known as an ingrown hair cyst.

Therefore, it is always recommended to cure ingrown hairs at their earlier stage to avoid any bigger problems.

How to treat ingrown hair infection?

Anti-inflammatory medications:

The most basic purpose of using the medication to cure ingrown hair infection is to reduce the inflammation as far as it is possible. The anti-inflammatory medications include several drugs including products containing retinoids as well as benzoyl peroxide.

And the majority of the anti-inflammatory drugs come in the form of creams and gels. The reduced inflammation will obviously help in reducing the size of cysts or bump and cure the whole system.


Apart from using anti-inflammatory drugs or medications, another factor helps equally in reducing the outcomes or effects of ingrown hair infections and that is to overcome the dryness.

And the best way to do so is to use some suitable moisturizers which would help you control the dryness of skin and the chances of ingrown hair infections are reduced remarkably. However, you can also go for exfoliation if needed.

What to avoid from doing?

Certain things may worsen the condition of ingrown hair infection. For example, using tweezers to remove the hair enhances infections are enhanced by allowing the hair to be embedded deep in the hair follicles.

Similarly, avoid shaving the dry skin as the dry skin tends more to produce half-cut hair than others. So, try to avoid these things while tackling or dealing with ingrown hair infections.


There is no more need for you to worry about finding ways of dealing with the ingrown hair infection. You can take proper guidance from the ingrown hairs related information given in this article.

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You can adopt the infected ingrown hair treatment methods mentioned in this article to get rid of this problem. However, apart from choosing the treatment options, you are also allowed to go for ingrown hair removal and other preventive measures. As we know that “Prevention is better than cure.”

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