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Have you been suffering from musculoskeletal injuries? If yes, you already know how the experience can affect your overall well-being. These injuries can prevent you from carrying out daily activities. Fortunately, a visit to an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kalle Stidham manteca can be the first to find a solution to these injuries. Orthopedic surgeons offer thorough diagnosing, treatment, and management measures. These problems range from chronic conditions to minor injuries that usually need ongoing care. This article discusses some of the injuries treated by an orthopedic surgeon you should know.


Arthritis occurs when one or more of your joints have tenderness and swelling. It usually causes stiffness, reduced mobility, and pain in your joint. When you have arthritis, you can visit an orthopedic surgeon to check this disorder. They normally diagnose the severity and type of arthritis using laboratory tests, image tests, and physical examinations. According to your symptoms and the extent of your disease, these specialists give you the most effective treatment choices that help you regain mobility.


Muscles move because of tendons connecting them to bones. But when you overuse them, your tendon becomes painful and inflamed. Tendonitis occurs most often in your shoulders, knees, wrists, and elbows. There are different types of tendonitis, like tennis and golfer’s elbow, that you can get, and an orthopedic surgeon can treat it. These surgeons perform surgical processes on you, such as reconstruction and tendon repair, to address severe cases of tendonitis.


A fracture is a complete or partial break usually occurring on your bone. This bone fracture usually happens when you fall or have trauma or through a direct kick on your body. You might have a mild fracture that only needs temporary immobilization through a cast or sling. In severe fractures, you will require treatment from an orthopedic surgeon to offer surgery to address your situation. Thus, you should visit an orthopedic surgeon whenever you suspect a severe bone fracture.


Dislocation is damage when your bones forcefully move from their regular position. It mainly happens during a collision, accident, or fall. Your joint can be dislocated, especially in highly movable joints like knees and shoulders. When you experience dislocation for the first time, your physician may numb the part pushing the bone to its original place without surgery. Nevertheless, if your joint becomes dislocated continuously, your orthopedic surgeon might be forced to tighten your tendons and ligaments.


This injury comes when you stretch and tear your ligament, a tough fibrous tissue usually connecting the two bones in your joints. Sprains mostly occur in your ankle, knee, and shoulder. You may experience mild sprains that only require you to rest and heal fully. But in cases where you experience severe sprains, you may need surgery urgently to regain your capability to use the joint again. In such instances, an orthopedic surgeon performs this surgery and helps you recover quickly from sprains.

An orthopedic surgeon in your area can be important in treating conditions affecting your musculoskeletal system. These experts are skilled and experienced; thus, they have the skills to provide you with various treatment options, from non-surgical to surgical. Their professions and knowledge help you improve your life quality and alleviate pain. Therefore, if you experience any orthopedic injury or problem, you should seek prompt medical attention from a qualified orthopedic surgeon. By doing so, you can receive a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, thus enabling you to return to your daily activities.

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