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Innovative Ideas for Food Packaging in 2019

Packaging has become the core focus of marketing and that is why in recent years there have been so many innovative ideas in the food packaging industry. The designers are focusing on creating packaging that is attractive, promotes the brand, environment-friendly, easy to use, informational, simple, innovative, and cost-effective. Look at the latest innovative ideas for food packaging in 2019 and you will understand what we are talking about.

Hive Egg Packaging

The idea of packing eggs in a box with hive shaped compartments is ingenious to say the least. This innovative packaging provides complete protection to the eggs during transportation and storage. The hexagon shape of the egg compartments is what makes the box sturdy. It is very easy to pick the eggs from the box. Since it has a handle on the top, it is also very easy to carry around. The best part is that it is made of recycled material and no glue is used in its making, thus helping you do your bit for the environment. Plus you can find some other use for the package once you are done with the eggs.

Paper Dish Pizza Packaging

Remember messing your hands or burning your finger while handling a freshly delivered pizza. The concept of paper dish pizza packaging is simply but genius. This innovative pizza packaging has a pizza-shaped sliced paper dish which is placed inside the box. The pizza is placed on this paper dish. The design allows you to grab the pizza without burning your finger or getting your hands all dirty.

Milk Cartons that Lets You Know When the Expiry Date is Nearing

These milk cartons change color from blue to orange and from orange to red. Blue means that the milk is fresh and orange means that it is nearing the expiry date. Red means that the milk is post its expiry date. Now you do not have to bother finding that expiry date on the carton while shopping for milk. Moreover, now by just looking at the milk carton in your refrigerator, you will know when it is time to buy fresh milk. It is obvious that this milk carton design has been designed keeping in mind the consumers’ convenient.

Skin Pack for Food Items

The skin pack packaging has been created by Advanta with the aim of creating a packaging that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. It consists of an aluminum poultry tray and a thin film. The meat is vacuum packed in the tray with the see through film on the top. Skin pack packaging increases the shelf life of the food by preventing oxygen from entering the tray. The consumer simply has to tear the film and put the tray in the oven or microwave to cook the meat. There is less wastage in this packaging and the tray is recyclable, thus making it environmentally friendly.

Chill Can

Now you do not have to wait for hours to chill your soft drinks. The self-chilling cans by Joseph Company allow you to have a chilled drink whenever you want. All you have to do is turn the can upside down and twist the base. This will release the liquid CO2 and will cool the drink in 75-90 seconds. The can is 100% recyclable and this innovative design has become quite popular with consumers and soft drink companies.


Made from EarthCoating, reCup has become a craze in Europe. This cup is made of mineralized resin coating, which breaks down the cup after use, thus making it 100% recyclable. It is a very environmentally friendly product and that is why the demand for the reCup is increasing every day.

Self-heating Packaging for Food

Consumer convenience has given birth to numerous innovations and self-heating food packages is one of them. Designed by Chengdu Weilan Enterprise Marketing, consists of a packaging that has a mini-hotspot. The consumer simply has to fill the mini-hotspot with any instant food that requires hot water to cook. Food like, soup, rice, or pasta, are ideal for this self-heating pack. The heat pack is activated when water is added to it and within 15 minutes you will have ready to eat hot meal. This is a really convenient food packaging solution for those who want to have a hot meal but do not have access to a microwave. This is great for campers or those who are on the move constantly.

Sealphane Films by Terphane

The Sealphane Films brand by Terphane is the latest in food packaging solution. The Sealphane line provides sealable films for different types of punnets. These films are perfect for refrigerator and microwave because they can withstand a temperature range from 40 to 210 degrees centigrade. Plus they keep the food fresh longer, thus cutting down on food wastage. They also keep the product absolutely safe during transportation and storage.

Cube Packaging Solution by Tetra Pack

Tetra Classic Aseptic 65ml Cube packaging solution has been launched for liquid food, juice, and dairy by Tetra Pack. This solution allows every six packages to be shaped into a cube in order to optimize storage and transportation. According to Tetra Pack, cube packaging requires 40% less space during transportation than other traditional packaging solutions. Since it is cheaper to transport, the manufacturer will definitely make the product more affordable to the consumers. Plus, it cuts down on secondary packaging thus reducing waste.

Flowering Tea Bags by Samova

Flowering tea bag is based on the concept that a tea tastes perfect when it is prepared using the right infusion time. However, most consumers do not know the right infusion time of a particular tea. With flowering tea bags you do not need to know. Just put the tea bag in hot water and watch as the tea bag slowly begins to transform into an origami flower. When the flower has opened up completely, you know that you have reached the perfect infusion time for the tea. So now you know how long you have to brew that tea by just keeping an eye on that unfolding flower in the kettle.

Edible Cups by KFC

Fast food industry creates a lot of waste. KFC is coming up with cups that can be consumed by the customers after they have finished drinking their beverages. The cup is made up of wafer that has been lined with white chocolate and sugar paper. It is a very environmentally friendly product with zero wastage.

Need is the foundation of most innovations in human history and it is true for food packaging industry also. Today the need is to create packaging that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and convenient to use. The latest examples of food packaging are testament to what humans can achieve once they set their mind to it.

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