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Innovative Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website

Almost every business, irrespective of its size or industry, wants to make its presence known online in this digital era. However, with millions of websites, it is not easy as it seems. Gone are the days when just incorporating relevant keywords would help the website owners drive a larger audience. Though keywords remain a vital tool in SEO strategy, relying on only keywords might not be wise. That is where building backlink comes in handy.

Now you may wonder what backlinks are? Simply put, backlinks refer to the links from one website to another. Quality backlinks tend to boost your web traffic, build your site’s authority, and increase search engine ranking. However, be mindful; getting suspicious or spammy backlinks can get your website penalized by search engines. So if you are wondering the best ways to build quality backlinks, you have come to the right place. Below are some white-hat techniques to get high-quality backlinks:

1. Produce Skyscraper Content

Have you ever thought about skyscraper content? If not, now is the time to consider this method for building links. The process of producing skyscraper content is quite simple. You can find published content online, revamp it to look outstanding, and find duplicate links.

Look for the topic of your choice and pick up an article from the first page of the search engine. Observe the shortcomings in the blog to write the new one with supreme quality. Ask questions like which information is missing or what you can do more to make it look better? In this manner, you can add more high-quality visuals, reliable facts, and comprehensive information about the article to stand out. You can also take advantage of the backlink checker tools to find the original article’s backlinks. Thus, reach out to those websites, introduce your new content to them, and request them to provide links to your content.

2. Focus on Broken Links

You might have come across 404 error pages on several occasions while using the internet. Even some of the well-known websites contain these pages. When users click on such links, they find content that exists no more. Aside from negative user experience, it also lowers the website’s rank on the results page as crawlers find it hard to index such sites. The link-building method works the best to fix this issue. Instead of clicking on each link to identify the broken one, use software that points out all the broken links. After this, create an email and include all the necessary details, such as the link URL and the broken link’s location on a site’s page. Send out this email to the website owner, and make sure to add the anchor text too. However, bear in mind to keep a friendly tone and ask them if they would like to fix their broken link errors with your website content. The site owner can rebuild their links, and you can earn backlinks for your website, a win-win situation for both.

3. Create High-Quality Content

Top-notch quality content is a must to earn backlinks for your website. Without it, no one would ever be ready to swap their broken links with yours. Other brands of your niche will not consider your website worthy enough to get links if it lacks relevant information. Also, link-worthy content will lure bloggers and influencers into reaching out to your website by themselves, even before you get in touch with them. Therefore, make sure you include evergreen content to reap long-term benefits. Add how-to guides, or mold your content in the form of listicles. Many sites link listicles as they are easy-to-read and users can skim the entire content in a matter of seconds.

4. Start Guest Blogging

One of the most proven strategies for building backlinks is writing guest blog posts. Guest blogging allows you to reach a new a larger audience and build an online reputation. You can reach out to different websites that accept guest posts. However, with thousands of bloggers online, it’s best to have a compelling pitch if you want to contribute to any site. Think of a unique yet attention-grabbing idea for your blog post and create a short and robust description of your post. Your next step is to persuade the website owner about how your post will be valuable for the readers.

The best part of guest blogging is it is a favorite for both parties. The website owner gets free and exciting content, whereas you will receive a quality backlink anf if website owner doesn’t allow free backlink you can buy backlinks. Make sure to write for a website that is authentic and popular in your niche. Also, don’t forget to review the guidelines shared by the site for guest blogging.

5. Engage in Interviews

Similar to the guest blogging method, you can also receive backlinks through interviews. If you have already build authority in your industry, chances are you will be landing on many interviews. No doubt reaching this level requires a considerable amount of time and effort. However, even if you are not at this stage, here is the good news, you can still get interviewed. Research some websites, publications, or vloggers in your industry and write them an effective email to let them know you can give an interview. The best practice is to tell them how your valuable content and knowledge be a good resource for the viewers. Moreover, you can sign up for HARO to get interviewed by figuring out the queries related to your niche.

6. Keep an Eye Out on Competitors

Have you ever wondered what strategies are your competitors using to build links? If your competitor can earn a backlink from a website, chances are you can also get them. All you need is to spy on competitors and replicate the same techniques. The first step is to look out for the content. Follow them on social media sites and check what type of content they are posting. You might gain valuable insights on how to craft the content creatively. Also, you can learn how to reach out to different brands and people. The next step is to sign up for their weekly or monthly newsletters and get Google alerts whenever they post. Your last step should be to get in contact with those websites that link to your competitors. Convince them and give them good reasons for linking to your site will turn out to be a positive experience for their website.

Summing Up

The process of building links to the website remains on the top of the list to appear higher on search engine results. Not only does it improve your website’s overall SEO performance. It also increases your brand’s visibility. However, be mindful of the fact that adding unnecessary backlinks would only create trouble for you. There is nothing worse than backlinks that hold no SEO value. Therefore, have the proper knowledge, and in no time, your website will outrank the competitors.

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