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Inside the Drama-Filled World of Baddies EastInside the Drama-Filled World of Baddies East

If you’ve spent time on social media over the past month, you’ve probably seen quite a bit of buzz surrounding Zeus Network’s newest reality series’ Baddies East’. Known for its suggestive and controversial content involving some of hip-hop’s most infamous artists and personalities, Baddies East has people talking for good and bad reasons. As the second installment in their widely popular ‘Baddies’ franchise, viewers want to know: what’s the drama, and where can I catch up on the latest episodes?

In this blog, we’ll deeply dive into what Baddies East is about, the key cast members that have everyone talking this season, and where you can watch Baddies East episode 2 and the rest online for free.

Introducing Baddies East

Baddies East premiered on the Zeus streaming network in 2023. As a spinoff to their hit reality show Baddies West, Baddies East rounds up a group of hip hop’s most notorious ‘Bad Girls’ and places them together in an Atlanta mansion to live under one roof. With personalities that strongly blended, fireworks were bound to go off.

The show’s production is helmed by hip-hop personality and entrepreneur Natalie Nunn and former BGC girl Tanisha Thomas, who also serves as the Baddies’ house mom’ to try to keep the ladies in line. The cast consists of familiar faces from past reality shows and newcomers making their mark on the franchise for the first time. From rappers like DreamDoll and Chinese Kitty to Instagram influencers and models, there is certainly no shortage of various personalities.

Key Cast Members Bringing the Drama

One of the main reasons Baddies East has captivated its audience is due to the electric cast of women handpicked for ultimate chaos. Here are some of the most talked about cast members so far this season:

DreamDoll: Rapper and first LGBT cast member of the Baddies franchise. She hasn’t shied from confrontation so far.

Briana, Sidney, and Slim: These three besties and fellow cast mates of Oxygen’s BGC have joined forces again as fan favorites.

Queens Chyna andinesis: These outspoken, unapologetic newcomers are living up to their self-proclaimed ‘queen’ titles by stirring the pot.

Sarah Oliver: As the ex of rapper Peter Gunz, Sarah came in hot with drama against castmate DreamDoll over her past relationship with Gunz.

Chinese Kitty: No stranger to beef and drama, this femcee had one of the most viral moments of Episode 2 for a scene involving fellow castmate Jelaminah.

Jaw-Dropping Moments from Episode 2

Episode 2, particularly, set the tone for even more craziness to ensue this season. We won’t spoil too much, but here were some of the wildest moments that had viewers’ jaws on the floor:

Chinese Kitty and Jelaminah’s blowup went from 0 to 100 quickly during a heated exchange in the kitchen that led to water being thrown. Security even had to intervene and keep the fiery femcees separated.

Sarah confronts DreamDoll aggressively about allegations of hooking up with her baby’s father, causing the first major argument of the season.

Briana and DreamDoll surprise the house by getting intimate in a hot tub despite having love interests outside the house.

Where can I watch Baddies East for free? If we’ve piqued your interest, you’re probably wondering where you can catch up on full episodes and all the madness for yourself. Baddies East is just starting but has already become a must-see TV. With new episodes airing Mondays at 8 PM EST, there is surely more wildness this season that will have people talking for weeks to come. Will you be tuning in?

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