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  • Do you love to help people?
  • Want to make a profound difference in their lives?
  • Feel inspired by using skills and intuition in your work?


Perhaps you’re good with people (and maybe you’re a great therapist or a bodyworker) but at the same time…

  • Do you yearn to go deeper?
  • To get to the REAL cause of the issue?
  • To create meaningful change and free people’s lives?


And you find yourself wondering

  • What am I missing?
  • How do I help at the deepest level?
  • What’s next for me and my clients?


So what’s in the course?​

The Insight Bodywork Practitioner Course is a deep dive into the assessment and treatment of the deeper causes​ of dis-ease.

The course is structured over 6 weeks with multiple levels of support, information to absorb, skills to practise and the ability to share learnings and encouragement through the Insight Bodywork community.

You’ll be learning alongside a small group of dynamic practitioners, with opportunities for interaction, support, and one-to-one practice.


With a mix of live and self-guided components, the course can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

  • Insight Bodyworkers have the confidence and understanding
  • to safely treat people by getting at the real cause of their issue
  • through the medium of the body-mind-spirit.​

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