Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

With modernization and the invention of different social media platforms, our big wide world seems manageable.

Anything we want to know seems only a click away. 

You can now feel like you are so close to a friend, family member, or a lover with just a click of buttons, even if you are miles away from them.

INSTAGRAM is a social media platform where socializing with your audience has become easy and nothing close to complicated.

You can share about your day and your life through pictures and motions. You can also easily know about others the same. It is entirely up to you to show whichever parts of your life to your audience.

Likewise, you only see what others allow you to see on social media.

How about who sees your updates?

Sure, you can choose what you show, but what about who sees your updates?

Who Is The Audience?

Usually, the way it works is that you can explicitly choose your people on social media. These are the people who can view your updates and be up to date with what goes around in your life.

However, if you are someone whose social account is not in private setting, a public account can have many unauthorized audiences. It is at your own risk of publicity.

If your account is public, then you don’t have much control on who views your updates but you can see who your audiences are.

Instagram lets you see the people who view your live updates and stories. This is a tricky affair for a person who doesn’t follow or know you yet still wants to get updated with your life.

Sometimes, you could also be the person wanting to peek into someone elses story without notifying them. 

How To Be A Silent Spectator?

With InSnoop, you can now peek into any account if the account you are looking for is not a private account user without being seen.

  • First of all, this third party tool is super safe and explicit for its users. You don’t even need to give your credentials to log in. 
  • You can simply type in the name of the account you want to view and it does the rest.
  • You can easily save posts or even download the contents of the account you are checking.

To use InSnoop; you can easily use it on the web browser without the hassle of downloading the app since it is an online web tool that allows you to discretely view Instagram stories.

It not only allows you to be a silent spectator, but you can also be a silent user of because you don’t need to sign in to log in. The only hurdle for you while using InSnoop is if the accounts you want to peek in are private Instagram users. The accounts should be on public display for you to check them out without being seen.

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