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Windows 10 has been receiving positive feedback from technical experts. However, Microsoft has discontinued rolling out this version of their operating system for free. This is not a matter of concern, for we still have scope for windows 10 OS free download full version with key 64 bit. 

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Now, let’s understand the ways and discuss the windows 10 operating system free download full version with key.


Before installing windows 10 os free download full version with key 64 bit it is important to understand the prerequisites without which you might not enjoy the full essence of Windows 10

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz or fast processor or SoC (System on a Chip)
  • RAM: For a 32-bit system, it requires 1 GB and 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard drive space: 16 GB for 32 bit and 32 GB for 64 bits
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later along with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800×60
  • Internet connection: You need a stable internet connection to download and set up Windows 10.

Steps to create free installation media

With the help of a media creation tool, you can either upgrade to Windows 10 from any lower version of Windows or create a USB drive for windows 10. 

  1. Download the tool from
  2. Once it is downloaded, run the tool from your PC.
  3. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. When you get the option to choose from upgrading the PC and creating installation media, choose the latter one–‘Create Installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC’.
  5. Now, choose the language (the most common is the English-United States)
  6. Choose the edition as Windows 10 and Architecture as Windows 64-bit.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Once the set-up is complete, you can install Windows 10 using this drive on your PC.

Steps to upgrade to Windows 10

If you’re using the official versions of Windows 7 or 8, then upgrading to Windows 10 would be a cakewalk using the media creation tool. Though the free upgrade offer has officially been halted, you will still be able to install Windows 10 for which you will need a product key. 

Further, DISM is a built-in tool of Windows, which is used to perform servicing tasks on a Windows installation image, on an online or offline image within a folder or WIM files. However, when running the DISM command, you may receive the dism error 87 or some other error codes like DISM error 50, DISM error 2, and DISM error 3, DISM error 1639 and so on in Windows 10.

Steps to windows 10 os free download full version with key 64 bit:

  1. Follow the steps discussed above to download and install the media creation tool.
  2. As discussed above in step 4, choose the other option–upgrade this PC now.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Choose the ISO file option when you’re asked to choose for a media.
  5. Now, the Windows 10 download will begin, and all the OS files will get stored in Drive C.
  6. Once the download gets complete, you will get an ISO file which you have to burn on the DVD. 
  7. To do the same, install Microsoft’s tool available for free.
  8. Once the tool is downloaded, follow the instructions and locate the ISO file’s path. 
  9. Click on DVD on the next screen.
  10. Once the burning process is completed, you can use Windows 10.

Follow all the steps religiously to enjoy the windows 10 operating system free download full version with key.

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