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Before spending money on mold testing, you should get in touch with a mold remediation company if you notice mold growth, persistent wetness, or a musty stench in your home or place of business. The business has the know-how to diagnose whether or not you have an issue and will do it for free. If they recommend further testing, you’ll have to engage a certified mold assessment specialist to conduct an inspection and collect samples for laboratory analysis.


Since the mold inspection firm will need to re-test and clear the area once the cleaning is complete, in many states the company that does the first mold testing cannot also perform the mold removal. To avoid having one firm clean their work, it is best to have two companies execute the separate jobs of inspection and removal. Mississauga mold inspection company priority should be safeguarding your interests, not your own.


To further safeguard you and guarantee the work is done to approved standards by organizations in good standing with the state, most states also require both mold inspection and remediation companies to be licensed by the state. After the project, you will be presented with a Certificate of Mold Remediation verifying that the mold problem has been resolved.


The mold assessment firm will provide a protocol detailing the work that must be done, down to the last detail, by the remediation firm to clear up the mold issue. Mold remediation often entails clearing the area of mold, vacuuming out mold spores using a HEPA filter, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the area, and sealing off any damaged areas or objects. To prevent the spread of mold, all of this work must be performed in walk-in confinement with negative air pressure. During the demolition process, the spores would become airborne without containment and ultimately settle in other parts of the house or company. Not only may breathing them in create health issues, but they could also seed mold development in unaffected areas. It would lead to more costs and greater potential danger down the line.


To get rid of the dampness that fostered the mold’s growth, dehumidifiers will also be employed throughout the restoration process. Mold spores in the air will be constantly removed using HEPA air scrubbers. Before being hauled away, all of the waste collected from the site will be carefully bagged for protection and given a quick once-over with the vacuum cleaner.


When the mold has been removed, the space will be cleaned and disinfected, then HEPA vacuumed, sealed, and air scrubbers will be employed until samples can be taken by the mold assessment expert for clearance testing. The same enclosure will be used to retest any components that fail. After receiving final approval, the consultant and the mold treatment business will fill up the certificate of mold remediation and remove the containment.


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