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BijouXO is a North Carolina-born talented artist who makes unique music. She has created a stir in the music industry with her melodious yet powerful voice. She started her journey by recording and uploading covers of popular songs like Again by Doris Day and Shirt by SZA. Her talent attracted massive reception from listeners worldwide, and that’s when she decided to make original songs. “What Does She Have On Me?” is BijouXO’s first-ever original single. Released on August 13, 2021, this mellifluous track is sure to help BijouXO pave her way through the music industry.


Interviewer: Who/ what is your musical inspiration?

BijouXO: This answer might seem weird, but it was my inner child. I’ve always wanted to make music, but my social anxiety stopped me from doing it. But now, I’m finally doing the things I want to do in life and trying to spread my message to other young women and girls to pursue their dreams.


Interviewer: How would you describe your music styles to our readers?

BijouXO: I would call my music style, Melancholy music (lol). I prefer to sing R&B or pop or even jazz and sometimes alternative, as long as it is soft and something you can feel and tells a story.


Interviewer: Tell our readers about your musical journey so far.

BijouXO: I really enjoy it, and it brings me to tears to see how far I’ve come in a long time. I have 58000 monthly Spotify listeners so far, and over 100k streams, so someone must be feeling me. It feels really good to follow my dreams now and not someone else’s.


Interviewer: Tell us about your latest single “What Does She Have On Me?”

BijouXO: What does she have on me?” is more of freestyle where I want everything stripped away, and you can hear the story I’m telling. I’ve felt so insecure in the past, being with men who did everything to tear me down and put other women over me, and this is the song I wrote to express that.


Interviewer: What message would you like to give to our readers and your fans?

BijouXO: I’m so happy that you guys enjoy my music, and there are so many of you around the world. Just to have one person listen to me is amazing. I love you guys so much, and I have way more songs to sing. I want to be the saddest singer out there (lol) someone you can relate to.


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