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Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most coveted career options for business and finance graduates. Lately, a lot of non-business or finance graduates have also started to opt for this career option. Since you’re here, you might be interested in finding out more about investment banking. So let’s get into some of the nitty –grittiness of investment banking.

What is investment banking?

Investment banking focuses on managing and increasing the financial assets of clients.  Investment bankers take the assets of clients and invest it strategically so as to increase their value and expand clients’ portfolio. So essentially, investment banking professionals act as advisors and brokers, and help their clients make profit out of good opportunities.

What do investment bankers do?

Investment bankers advise their clients on how to invest their assets. After consulting clients with various opportunities, they facilitate those investments. After a client has decided the investment opportunities he wants to take up, investment bankers negotiate deals and ensure that the client gets the best of deals. Overall, they act as brokers and advisors for clients.

Challenges of working in investment banking

Investment banking is one of the most demanding jobs out there. It is affected by the changes in finance industry and hence investment bankers need to stay on feet and make changes as and when required. Additionally, investment bankers are also required to manage clients and communicate with clarity and make sure that clients assets grow in value. Given these challenges, working in investment banking is quite tough, especially for those who are starting out. This jobs requires to put in long hours.
For those not adept at putting long hours, this can turn out to strenuous work. However, once ones learn how to overcome these challenges, investment banking could be a perfect job.

Investment banking training & certifications could be help as they prepare candidates to tackle these challenges.

What are some of the benefits of working in investment banking?

Investment banking does pose challenges, but at the same time, it also presents numerous opportunities. Finance is a fast-paced industry and one can learn how to quickly adapt to it. Those who learn can progress fast and gain good growth. The skills learned in investment banking are applicable to other sectors and hence are transferrable.

How much do investment bankers make?

Investment banking is one of the most lucrative careers. For starting positions like Financial Analyst, the salary can range from $100,000 -$250,000. For associate level positions with experience two-three years, the salary ranges between $150,000-$250000.
Further, as with any job, the salary increases every year and an additional $10000 could be added. For senior positions and VP-level positions, the salary can go upwards of $650000. For more talented, investment bankers, this can be greater than that too. Further, pursuing investment banking certifications can help to earn better salary packages.

Wrapping up

Investment banking presents incomparable career opportunities in terms of growth and salary. However, making a good career isn’t easy. Given enough time and training it can be attained.

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