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When planning to start a Muay Thai business in Thailand an excellent starting point would be to sit down and just remind yourself exactly why you want to do it. For some this may be a foolish suggestion because they are passionate about Muay Thai and they want to do everything in their ability to promote the sport and to keep it alive for the next generation. Others however have less noble intentions and they simply want to exploit the incredible popularity of Muay Thai and focus on enriching themselves as much as they possibly can. There are a small percentage of Muay Thai owners who become very wealthy in the Muay Thai industry but the majority of Muay Thai business owners will generate more or less enough to be able to live comfortable middle class lifestyles. However this is people who are passionate about Muay Thai and wealth is not their objective, sharing the sport with as many people as possible is.

Amazing benefits

By now the fitness, weight loss and health benefits of Muay Thai are well known all over the world and increasing numbers of people desire to become involved in this sport. A Muay Thai holiday is for many the number one vacation experience and many Muay Thai businesses are going out of their way to accommodate Muay Thai enthusiasts from every continent. Phuket island is now a very strong contender for top spot as far as Muay Thai destinations is concerned. Muay Thai businesses doing business there have proved to be exceptional investments. A Phuket island project is therefore always an excellent option. Nevertheless it is vital to plan very carefully, to invest wisely and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the business continues to grow. Particularly in Thailand there are mostly two reasons why people get into the Muay Thai business. Firstly fighters who have been competing professionally for years want to remain involved in the sport. Secondly there are people who are passionate about Muay Thai and they dearly want to be involved.  


Business skills

Even though the above motivations are admirable in Muay Thai business owners such as Suwit gym the reality is that a quite a lot more is required for long term success. It is vital to have some basic book keeping skills. Although it is certainly possible and advisable to have a well established and reputable book keeping firm in your corner nevertheless without basic book keeping skills a Muay Thai business owner can get into trouble very quickly. Another vital rule is to never spend all of the money earned by the business and always make sure that the business has emergency funds available to carry the business through tough financial times. Don’t put your eggs into one basket. Many Muay Thai business owners such as are only interested in training future champions but the reality is this frequently doesn’t earn sufficient operating income for the business. That it why it is best to diversify and to accommodate as many people as possible.



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