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Web addresses, IP addresses, and what not, all the stuff related to the IP world is crazy. Perhaps, that is why it is best left to those who specialize in dealing with computers and networks.

However, considering how much we depend on the internet nowadays, it’s important to have the basics about IP addresses cleared to troubleshoot incoming technical issues. And the good news that this article provides you with the topmost points that’ll be helpful for you to know the basics.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get down to it.

Top 5 Points That You Need To Know About IP Addresses

  • IP Addresses Help You Connect

When you go online to shop or chat, your request is sent out to the right destination. Not just that, the important information and responses also come to you. Do you how that happens? It happens with the help of an IP address.

This thing might not be visible to naked eyes, but your computer is actually connected to the internet. And it is only and only possible because of that you used to set up your router to connect to the internet.

  • IP Addresses Let You Share Information

To ensure that you get to do your thing on the internet, the networking software of your computer is designed to follow a particular set of protocols. Whether it is about letting you connect to the internet or share information, everything is taken care of by these protocols.

One of these protocols attach an electronic return address to every online request of yours. And the address it uses is the IP address of your internet connection.

  • IP Addresses Don’t Last Long

Did you know that an IP address is assigned to your computer by the ISP (internet service provider)? Well, now you do. Since the ISP is the one giving you the access to the internet, assigning an IP address to your computer is their responsibility. Whatever you do the internet goes through them and comes back to you, using the IP address.

After reading this point, don’t feel as if the IP address of your device is going to stick with you through thick and thin. In simple words, even if you do something as simple as switching off your WiFi router, the IP address changes. And then sadly, you have to log into your home router again by using

  • IP Addresses Don’t Travel With You

If you go on a vacation, your home IP address doesn’t go along with you. Then, no matter how much you try to connect to your WiFi router via, nothing will work. The reason being, when you’ll be on a vacation, you’ll be using another network to access the internet.

Forget about going on a vacation, let’s consider an easier example:

Even if you travel from your house to a nearby coffee shop, your IP address will change. For those of you wondering what this happens, thanks to the intelligent technology behind the wireless network and the protocols that your computer uses. Note the tone here.

  • Information on IP Addresses Never Ends

This article is only one example of the amazing information out there based on IP addresses. You can browse the internet at any hour of the day you want. In case you aren’t that much of a browser, then it is recommended that you get in touch with us.

Don’t worry, getting in touch with us doesn’t require an IP address. All you need to do is, drop your query in the comments section. We’ll revert back to you as soon as possible.

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