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Yes, a proper teaching course is required to apply in UK schools. In the field of education, as we know, many theories and models have been developed to cover the vast opportunities that are available in the field in terms of teaching methods, learning objectives, pedagogy, and assessment. So, it is essential to have proper teaching courses to apply in schools and reflect on the role of the teacher in the classroom.

Criteria for applying to UK colleges:

● Teachers must possess a certification and achieve A Qualified Teacher Status by completing the Initial Teacher Training.

● Must achieve the essential GCSE in subjects like English, Maths, and Science for teaching primary classes.

However, along with degrees, teachers must also grow professionally to keep up with changing trends to apply in UK schools. Many schools require teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. So, you need to be open to learning and evolving.

In today’s time, online teacher courses have become popular learning methods for teachers, allowing them to effectively apply knowledge and skills from different platforms with minimal supervision. Some of the courses that teachers can enrol in to boost their skills can check out Suraasa platform.

Online Courses at Suraasa That Give Credibility for Applying in UK Schools

●       Award in Teaching:

Award in Teaching is a UK Level 6 qualification that enables teachers to understand the importance of technology that can help in educating modern learners with greater efficiency. Perfect for principals, coordinators, and teachers, the course instils and imbibes teachers with all the necessary technology-based skills that can help create an impact on modern-day learners and students. The qualification can help deliver necessary teaching with greater effectiveness to the students. The modern ways of teaching and learning can be greatly understood and utilised by teachers to educate the new generation of learners. Every minor and major nuance concerned with modern ways of teaching can be learned through the course, which can benefit teachers and students alike. The course can help with the following as well:

1. Using technology for learning and delivering information to the students.

2. Understanding the working and importance of various tools that can enable technology-based teaching in the classroom.

3. Educating teachers to use technology for online teaching and learning.

4. Making effective use of modern-day tools and methods for managing students’ data and offering distance learning courses.

5. Helping teachers design necessary materials perfect for teaching students and online support.

6. Effective communication, learning, critical thinking and evaluation skills can be learnt through the course as well.

● Certificate in Teaching (Assessment and Evaluation):

Certificate in Teaching is a UK Level 6 qualification that helps teachers understand and gain the necessary skills for effective modern assessment and evaluation. The qualification gives teachers the capability to effectively assess, analyse and evaluate the learning capabilities and understanding of modern learners categorised as Gen Z and Alpha learners. The more modern ways of teaching students and conducting exams can be learned through the course. The course and qualification are perfect for teachers who wish to achieve growth in their overall career and imbibe the modern skills of evaluating and assessing the exams based upon modern teachings. Teachers and educators gain the following skills and knowledge from the qualification itself:

1. Learning various effective ways of assessment and evaluation.

2. Learning the importance of questions for students in the classroom.

3. Learning the way to give feedback to the students in the classroom.

4. Using the assessment data for further evaluation of the learning curve of students.

5. Understanding the importance of teacher-student feedback in a classroom for evaluation and assessment.

6. Understanding the importance of using Rubrics in assessment.

● Professional Certificate in Teaching & Learning (PgCTL):

Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a UK Level 6 qualification that contributes toward the teacher’s growth and enables them to create the necessary impact on students within the classroom through their teachings. The necessary modern skills needed for teaching the millennials are imbibed through the course that is perfect in every way. The qualification focuses on modern ways of teaching rather than the traditional theoretical methods of education. Moreover, it’s perfect for uncertified, new, and certified teachers who wish to upskill themselves.

Following skills and knowledge are gained upon attaining the qualification:

1. Understanding effectively the needs of the students and how to relate with them.

2. Learning an effective way of using the available classroom infrastructure necessary for delivering necessary student teachings.

3. Learning the importance of using teaching methods and techniques in the classroom for teaching Millennials.

4. For professional personal development and growth.

5. Understanding the way to apply learning strategies and methods in a classroom.

6. Understanding the way to use available assessment data to monitor learning levels.

Online teacher training courses are designed to help you develop your skills and knowledge in teaching and learning. The courses provide a broad overview of the role of the teacher and the processes involved in teachers learning. They are designed to enable teachers to develop a solid foundation in the processes and skills of teaching and learning that can be used in the classroom and school community.

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