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If the breast specialist has established your cancer is at an early stage, the suggestion you will receive is to have breast conservation surgery. Here you’ll learn if breast conservation is worth it or not. More so you’’ learn when it is not the right option.

When detected early, breast cancer says it is better than when detected at an advanced stage. The chances of not having your breast removed are high, and that breast conservation is all about.

If you don’t understand what breast conservation is all about, don’t worry; we will start from the definition then get to if it is worthy to undergo surgery and instances where it is the best option.

Breast conservation surgery?

Breast conservation surgery refers to an approach taken to treat breast cancer. The approach involves undergoing surgery where the breast specialist doctor removes the tissues with cancer cells and another tissue around the tumor.

The procedure is sometimes known as a lumpectomy or a total excision.

Mastectomy is not the only option for treating breast cancer (removal of the breast).

Compared to a mastectomy, which involves removing the entire breast, healthcare experts consider lumpectomy to be breast conservation surgery because it leaves your natural breast intact. Because only a tiny amount of breast tissue is removed, breast-conserving surgery may have a better cosmetic outcome than mastectomy.

Breast conservation surgery is not appropriate for all women with breast cancer. Breast conservation surgery is mainly reserved for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in their early stages. before it also check Freedom insurance.

A small amount of breast tissue around the tumor removed should be done with biopsy and has to be cancer free tissue for breast conservation surgery to be successful.

Is breast conservation surgery really worth it?

With understanding what breast conservation is all about, it is prudent to know if it is worth it or not. We will look at the benefits (why it is worthy) of breast conservation and the disadvantages (why it is not worthy).

Why breast conservation is worthy

If you are wondering if it is worthy to undergo breast conservation, then yes. It is the right treatment approach when the cancer is detected at an early stage.

The top reason why breast conservation is worthy is to treat cancer and still maintain your breast appearance. Even though there will be scars after surgery, and the shape of the breast may change, the breast will not be removed. It is contrary to mastectomy, where the whole breast is removed.

The other reason for undergoing breast-conserving is that your sexuality is not affected. It means you still have your breast and can have a baby after you have healed and are termed cancer-free.

Additionally, breast conservation is worthy because you will not require undergoing breast reconstruction. After undergoing breast surgery like mastectomy, the doctor may recommend breast reconstructing surgery.

Why breast construction is not worthy

On the other hand, there are reasons why breast conservation surgery. Among the reason is that you will have to undergo radiation therapy after breast conservation. You have to undergo radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells, thus preventing cancer from resurfacing and improving survival chances.

Radiation therapy is costly and time-consuming. There are side effects that come with you taking radiation therapy.

When is breast conservation an option?

It is hard to tell when is breast conservation is the best option. You need to see a breast specialist in Singapore to determine. However, some factors are primary to determining if breast conservation is the right treatment for you.

Among what female breast doctors in Singapore will consider includes; if the cancer is at an early stage, there are no multiple tumors, among other considerations. As earlier mentioned, you need to see a female breast doctor in Singapore to ascertain if breast conservation surgery is the right approach to treatment.

When is lumpectomy not an option?

There are several reasons why the best specialist may not recommend you to undergo breast conservation surgery. If you have multiple tumors on the breast and the cancer stage is behind where it is considered being an early stage.

Other reasons why breast conservation surgery may not best option for you include where there is a genetic mutation which implies there are high chances the cancer cells will resurface even after undergoing breast conservation, the doctor diagnoses you with inflammatory breast cancer, and if you have lupus or any medical condition and can lead to serving side effects after radiotherapy.

Wrapping up

Breast conservation is really worth it if the breast specialist diagnoses you have early breast cancer. More so, it is the best way option as you get to have your breast intact, unlike where they are removed.  Breast specialist Singapore recommends breast conservation for you will not have to undergo other procedures like breast reconstruction.

Nevertheless, you have to see a specialist to carry out more tests and determine if it is the right treatment. You can find the best female breast doctor in Singapore here, and they will help you.



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