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These days, the advertisements for forex trading are everywhere. It’s easier than ever to jump in a financial market such as Forex, stock market, the commodities market. The harder part is to make significant profits daily. Anyone who tells you it’s an easy job and easy passive money income where you relax in your armchair and wait for the money to come is not telling the truth. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Let’s see how Forex trading can be profitable and how to start trading on this lucrative financial market.

 Can You Make Money With Forex?

 The answer to this question is straightforward: Forex can bring you more than a decent amount of money and significantly change your lifestyle. Still, you have to have some personality traits that will help you succeed in the market. You have to be disciplined, willing to learn, and educate yourself on trading strategies and tricks, ready to take risks. A winning position can easily turn into the losing one, so be prepared to keep your cool in times of adversities. Of course, it all depends on your starting budget.

If you are on a low budget, there are ways you can start trading with no deposit free bonuses. Demo accounts are also available on all reliable and good Forex brokerage platforms, enabling you to know the market and trading strategies before investing real money. Even if you dispose of large capital, be sure you try out the demo accounts and try your hand.  You must check the broker reviews to see what they offer to beginner traders in terms of tools, free bonuses, and starting deposit amounts. 

 Understanding Forex Market

 Forex market is a market for trading and exchanging currency pairs at exchange rates that are more or less volatile. The rate exchange rate of the currencies fluctuate all the time and is linked to many factors, like commodity market prices, geopolitical events, and even speculations from the governments in some cases. For example, in China, the government very often directly influences the commodity market prices and therefore impacts the currency market. 

 The currency pair consists of the base and the counter currency. The most common currency pairs, called major currencies, are those pegged to EUR or USD. There are also exotic currencies whose trading volume is significantly lower such as for example, the Mexican peso -MXN, ZAR – South African Rand, INR – Indian Rupee. As a trader, you profit from either buying a currency rising in value or selling currency dropping in value. The fluctuation of the currency value is in the very nature of the foreign exchange market. These fluctuations mean profit or loss, depending on your trading position. Your task is to forecast market fluctuations accurately to take advantage of these market movements.

How To Make Money with Forex Trading

 Several crucial things directly impact your profit on Forex:

  • Choosing the right broker
  • Enter the market with enough information
  • Being able to control emotions
  • Relying on technical and fundamental analysis
  • Implementing sound risk money risk management
  • Having the trading mindset and discipline

How to make forecasts on the Forex market? 

 Fortunately, every Fores broker will provide you with the tools necessary to follow the market and react accordingly. These tools enable you to make a technical and fundamental analysis. The technical analysis is for a short term forecast that takes into account the change in exchange rates and other market variables. Fundamental analysis is for the long-term forecasts based on examination of news, financial and economic trends, and information that may impact the currency market.  

Foorex trading with consistent profits takes time, learning, and discovering new strategies and tactics. Then, you have to stick to all of it with discipline and stubbornness. Maintaining a trading mindset is as important as having a little of luck. 

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