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Traditionally, smoking has been one of the most popular techniques of consuming Cannabis. The fundamental psychoactive element of Cannabis that is responsible for providing “high,” in other words, is known as THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol. After smoking, THC passes from the lungs into the bloodstream, which promptly transmits the chemical to the brain. By smoking Cannabis, an individual can feel the effects of THC much more promptly than if taken through Edible Cannabis. Cannabis and its extracted active components are mixed into various forms of food, including brownies, cookies, and candy. These are referred to as Edible Cannabis.

However, some people might wonder whether it is healthier to eat cannabis edibles or smoking cannabis .This article explains just that. Read on to know more.

Consuming Cannabis Through Smoking

The most common and popular way to take Cannabis is through inhaling that is smoking. But as we know, smoking anything has several adverse effects. Cannabis is still categorized as a Schedule I drug. It can damage the lungs’ first line of protection layer against severe infections by destroying cells responsible for eliminating dust and bacteria from the air intake, resulting in more mucus gathering. In doing so, it also impedes the immune system, potentially leading to an elevated risk of lower respiratory tract illnesses.

After smoking Cannabis, you can start realizing its effects right after. These effects can last for at least two to three hours. In contrast, when consuming cannabis foods, such as gummies and brownies, the results are postponed but usually last longer and can be much more substantial.

Consuming Cannabis Through Edibles

Taking Cannabis as an edible is the best alternative to enjoy its effects without the unfavorable consequences of smoking. At present, an array of edible cannabis products are available in the market, including brownies, candies, cookies, tea, gummies, and even coffee creamer.

Although, as claimed, it perhaps is a relatively healthier way to consume Cannabis, its effects might be pretty tricky to predict.

To better understand below, we have outlined several benefits and drawbacks of consuming Edible Cannabis.

What Are The Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

  • Long-Lasting High: Taking Cannabis through edibles can have very long-lasting high reactions compared to smoking cannabis. The effects of an edible can last for up to three to seven hours. It is excellent for individuals suffering from extreme chronic pain.
  • Dominant Effects: It is evident that eating edible Cannabis has powerful higher effects than smoking Cannabis and without damaging your lungs. Edibles are metabolized by the liver, which transfers via the blood-brain barrier quicker than smoke. This procedure results in formulating more body-centered, evenly disseminated high.

What Are The Drawback  Of Eating Edibles

  • Longer Waiting Period: Unlike inhaling, consuming edibles take much more time to feel their effects. It can take 45 minutes to two hours to show the results because the digestive system has to convert THC to its psychoactive form.
  • The problem of overdosing or Underdosing: Since edibles take time to show a reaction and are more substantial, users are more prone to overdose or underdose edible Cannabis. Sometimes they may consume edibles more in amount without even realizing, resulting in overdose. At times, people may consume less in fear of the severe effects, resulting in underdose. So impatience and anxiety generally cause users to encounter a bad edible high.
  • Difficult To differentiate between a regular snack and Cannabis Edibles: the biggest problem with Cannabis Edibles is that they look like any other food item, especially if they are not correctly packed or labeled. It becomes almost impossible to differentiate. Sometimes, people may accidentally consume edibles, thinking it was a regular snack or brownie. If not stored appropriately, there is also a risk that children may consume it assuming it as any other snack.

What is the difference between edible Cannabis and smoking Cannabis?

  • Both eating and smoking cannabis will get you high as you desire. And both can have serious side effects linked with cannabis use. The significant differences between the two ways of consuming Cannabis are the duration of the high and the degree of its onset. Smoking cannabis results in effects almost immediately, with most feelings wearing off after two to three hours. On the other hand, in edible Cannabis, the THC enters the bloodstream via the stomach and liver. It implies that it can take several hours until you feel anything but the effects usually last for a longer duration.
  • Smoking cannabis contains several toxins, such as ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that can cause harmful effects to your lungs and heighten the risk of various illnesses. Smoking cannabis has also been attributed to lung inflammation, bronchitis, and even defective brain function. In contrast, edible Cannabis has not indicated any negative impact on lungs or cancer risk.Therefore, if you’re worried about the probable health risks linked with smoking cannabis, you can switch to edible cannabis items as an alternative.
  • A common issue affecting individuals with cannabis edibles is believing they haven’t eaten enough because of the long time gap in effect. They may consume more, guessing they haven’t taken sufficient to get the desired result. By the time they begin to feel the impact, they have already finished too much. And because the “high” lasts for a longer duration, it could lead to severe health risks if they have accidentally over-consumed.

To  sum up

While Cannabis edibles can come across as a healthier option to smoking cannabis, it’s significant to note that they are still illegal in many places. Acquiring edible Cannabis means using substances that may not conform to essential health and safety standards. Some may even comprise harmful supplements. Waiting until they are legitimate and supervised is the best way to safeguard yourself from unnecessary health risks.

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