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If you have been running a food business in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane for years, that’s a fantastic feat that should be celebrated; so, congratulations! With time, however, some of the most important kitchen items, like your commercial refrigeration Company, will wear and tear. So, when is the right time to pull the plug, literally, and look at new shop fridges for sale?

A malfunctioning fridge can lead to loss of revenue and customer confidence. So, when you spot these signs, it’s time to replace your unit with the best new bar fridge for sale Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney has to offer.

Frequent leakages, ice build-ups, and condensation

Puddling water is a sign that something is wrong with your fridge, especially when it occurs constantly. Old and worn-out seals cause leaks. Also, a worn-out door gasket can cause air leaks, which can increase your energy bills.

Water leaks may also lead to condensation, which creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Ice build-up due to excess water can lead to food frostbites as well. All these are serious issues that indicate it is time to start looking at upright freezers for sale Melbourne suppliers has in store for you.

Food that spoils too often

Processed food items have expiration dates, and meats and plant-foods do not last as long. If every time you open the fridge a foul smell hits you, that means it is no longer cooling your items properly.

Another sign that the unit’s compressor is not working is if you do not hear the familiar humming sound you have come to associate with fridges.

Increasing repair costs

Frequent repairs mean that you must compare the repair bills costs and weigh them against the cost of getting new shop fridges for sale. Purchasing a new unit ensures that food stays fresh until their expiration dates and keeps repairs at bay. Also, it is cost-effective to invest money in a new energy-efficient unit and frequent maintenance than throwing money down the drain on constant repairs.

How to provide proper maintenance to your new shop fridge

Once you have purchased the best commercial fridge for sale Sydney has, the best way to extend its life is by providing it with the best maintenance possible. Some things to do are:

  • Reading the manufacturer’s manual so you know what cleaners are ideal for your unit’s make and model
  • Regularly inspecting the gasket to ensure it provides proper sealing
  • Having experts clean the condenser coils at least twice a year
  • Removing ice machines and cleaning them thoroughly
  • Monitoring temperature changes using a thermostat
  • Throwing away items in the fridge that you no longer require to improve air circulation
  • Inspecting the drain lines and making sure they are not clogged
  • Checking refrigerant levels regularly
  • Inspecting the fridge’s wiring for damaged parts and having them replaced as soon as possible
  • Always checking on the commercial fridge’s hinges

Call the experts and let them help you

Cold Display Solutions provides the Australian foodservice industry with a diverse line-up of premium commercial refrigeration solutions. Whether you are looking for rent-to-own units or wanting to purchase a new unit or more, you can find the best shop fridges for sale deals.

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