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Wearing jewellery while going abroad should be a subjective choice for everyone. If you are hyper-concerned about your jewellery, it is better to keep it at home because there is always some small percentage of uncertainty to take place but that doesn’t mean you strictly don’t have to wear it. We buy jewellery for wearing and it is worthwhile to bear that small amount of risk. You also need to check what jewellery you are wearing. It is recommended to avoid wearing the ones which are closest to your heart, for example, the wedding ring that your partner gifted you; you are likely to go through a very hard time if that precious thing gets stolen or lost. You can wear other rings that are decent in look and are not so much costly.

Finally, if you decide that you are going to carry some jewellery, it is wise to consider these tips to keep them safe while travelling abroad –

  • Insurance – Make sure you buy an insurance policy for the jewellery that you are going to wear. Buying insurance is the best protection that you can have for your precious jewellery. You will have to go through plenty of options and select the most suitable one. Reputed jewellery sellers like Hatton garden jewellers London offer you best insurance right at the time of purchase. Before approving any policy, reading all the terms and condition in detail is a necessary step and don’t forget to do that.
  • In hotels – Ask the hotel managers if they have the facility for safe storage. There could be safe storage in rooms or a box at the reception. If these storages are not available, do not keep your jewellery in your luggage bags when you leave the hotel room for whatever reason. This is because hotel cleaning staffs can have access to your rooms for cleaning purposes. Even if you are not leaving the hotel room, keep all the jewellery inside some luggage because simply keeping it in front is a direct invitation to thieves.

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  • Be street smart – Use your common sense when going to shady streets and also in the flight or public places. Don’t wear shiny and bright jewellery. Robbers and thieves are instantaneously attracted such items. You can remove the jewellery in such public places and then again wear them when you need to. Another tip is that you should not keep the jewellery in the bag which is going to be checked at the airport, it is a big threat to your jewellery. Keep it in something that you are going to carry with you all the time like a purse or a wallet. If you are carrying a lot of jewellery, it is very convenient to buy a small jewellery box for carrying all the jewellery together. If you buy Engagement Rings in London, invest a little more in its protection by buying a small jewellery case which will help you keep your jewellery safe when you are on the move and even at your own place. It will help you to keep all the jewellery at one single place.

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