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Is John Travolta Gay Find the Truth Behind the Reality

It’s been a long while since there have been multiple rumors and gossip about the sexuality of the famous hollywood star John Travolta. He is known for his tremendous performance in various classic movies of hollywood. Is John Travolta gay? Her personality and appearance as an alpha male is so dominating. Over the five-decade, he made a significant image by her performance.

If we look at the rumors and some of the official statements multiple people claim the sexuality of John Travolta so let’s see how many relationships, he had so far and how many gay names are attached to his name.

About john Travolta

About john Travolta

The name John Travolta plays a significant role in the hollywood entertainment industry. The 69-year-old male actors have played leads and supporting roles in hundreds of movies in Hollywood.  The American actor John Travolta was born on the 18th of February 1954, as an actor he started his journey back in 1970 and made an identity as a heart of the American women and the hottest alpha male of hollywood. 

Over four to five people have alleged and participated in this rumor that John Travolta is gay. He had been in various relationships throughout his life, his longest-married partner was Kelly Preston

Is John Travolta gay?

Is John Travolta gay?, The rumor or truth has been spread since back in 1980 when the question about his sexual orientation was in the news. Over time he was the centre of attraction among the girls. On one side there were rumors about his sexuality on the other hand in the news there was some news about his extramarital affairs.

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Lip-lock with male nanny 

In the year 2006, John Travolta was photographed with his male nanny, the picture became a topic of discussion because it was a lip-lock scene. 

In Film Fest 

It was in 2007 that he blew the rumors and kissed Kirk Douglas on the stage at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  

Statement of porn star 

The gay porn star Paul Barresi and Californian pilot Doug Gotterba was also caught in one of the party of John Travolta. As per their statement, they hooked up, which sparked rumors about his sexuality. 

One of the other information revealed by the former Scientologist Mike Rinder made an official comment on the sexuality of John Travolta and said that he caught him in an intimidating scene with a male. 

Is Jhon Bisexual?

Is John Travolta gay? The question about his sexuality has been raised since the start of his career, however, he never made any official statement on those rumors. The relationship history of John Travolta creates some doubts, and multiple relationships with women and some roomers and pictures with males show that neither he is straight nor gay. He is bisexual and he has a sexual orientation toward both of them. 

Kirstie Alley comment 

Most celebrities are afraid the share their things like sexual orientation to come out in front of the public creates a lot of judgments and questions, which are way too difficult for the admint. One of the interviewees Kirstie Alley said that her relationship with him was very serious and he isn’t gay.

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Dating History of John Travolta

The reputed and famous name of Holywood is John Travolta. He is known for his path-breaking performance in the movies. His presence in the movies can be spotted over the five-decade. If we look over the dating history of John Travolta his name is associated with multiple famous and gorgeous ladies of hollywood. In the last, he finally settled with Kelly who died in 2020

Moreover, his charm is not limited to women, the relationship with gay porn star Paul Barresi and Californian pilot Doug Gotterba and some other homosexual relationships of him were in the multiple news. 

Diana Hyland 

The most famous actor in hollywood, John Travolta dated Diana Hyland back in the 1976s when they both were working together in a movie named The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Their romance was visible on the set of the movie. 

As per the records, their relationship didn’t go so far, sooner actress was caused by breast cancer. She got diagnosed but it didn’t go well and in 1977 she passed away. At the end of her life, John Travolta was there for her. The relationship was very serious but she passed away.

Anita Gillette

This was another name attached to him in 1976 when her girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer. There were multiple rumors that John and Anita were dating but it didn’t go official. 

Marilu Henner

During Grease’s tour, he met with her and since then there has been some of news related to the dating spread in the air. As per the records, there was a catfight between Anita and Marilu because of John, due to that fight the thighs were ended between John and Marilu. 

Kelly Preston

The famous actors of the 80s Kelly Preston and John had a long-term relationship. As per the records. She came into John’s life, back in 1980 and their love became deeper after they married in 1991. John and Kelly are known as the most romantic couple in hollywood. 

After they married the next year they invited a kid into their family, their first kid Jett born in 1992. Apart from them, they have two more kids Ella and Benjamin. 

Apart from the rumors, there are multiple ups and downs in his life. After losing his first girlfriend he also lost one of his sons and his beloved wife in 2020. 

Summing Up

The famous actor John Travolta’s life is full of questions a rumors that John Travolta is gay. This statement has been made by multiple people and some of them claim their sexual relationships with him. Also some of the time he also created doubts among the audience that John Travolta is gay. However, he never confirmed or made any comment on the statements.

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