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What Happened to American Rapper Kanye West Is Kanye West Missing

Kanye West is known as the rapper who has gained the attention of the audience with the help of his rapping skills and also the way he used to perform in concerts to grab the fans’ attention with his heart-winning performance. He is also known for his fashion designing skills as well as the skills of production which are present in him. The news that was spread in society and was bad for the fans was related to Kanye West missing.

The Ye Mia was the name that Kanye West changed because he was much more open the spirituality and was known for having the most belief in religious facts this was the reason his name was changed and this was mentioned by him publicly so that the fans could be familiar with his new name which was name that was taken from the religious book of Christianity that is Bible and the name was declared officially by him and the information about him missing brought dilemma for a lot of people.

Missing Information of Kanye West

The information that was viral in the Nation was that Kanye West had gone missing and this information was confirmed by the business manager of missing Kanye West. The information provided by the business manager included the fact that the people were not able to find the location after learning the news of Kanye West missing.

The financial advisor of the missing Kanye West made the information about Kanye West missing that Thomas St John was going to the court of law and was asking for the money from missing Kanye West as the penalty for what Kanye West has done to him.

When Kanye West Goes Missing? The Incident Just Before His Missing

When the investigation was going on to find out when and exactly where Kanye West was before he went missing and his location had not been tracked by any of the individuals causing an intense concern for the fans and the audiences, it was investigated by the investigators that Kanye West went missing just after the Christmas Party which he went to attend at his ex-wife’s house that was Kim Kardashian.

When Kanye West Goes Missing The Incident Just Before His Missing

The more information that was described by the people Netizens that he was speaking about some random irrelevant quants against Jews which was not tolerated by any of the people and hence to avoid further conflicts and to protect himself from the cause that will affect him he has gone silent and is not ready to face any of the interviewer and fans. But further, it was confirmed that Kanye West is missing and this was confirmed by the former manager Kanye West named Thomas St John.

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Who is Thomas St John? Why is he taking legal action against Kanye West?

Thomas St John is the manager of Kanye West who used to manage the business and was hired by Kanye West to manage his business. He has taken legal against him to ask for the money that was not given to him for the work he has done for Kanye West and this has led to the dispute that he wants the amount for the work he signed and has done the task.

Who is Thomas St John Why is he taking legal action against Kanye West

Being a very greedy person, he has demanded the penalty for the act that was done by Kanye West against him, and this led him to file in a court of law so that he can demand the amount of money and has demanded $ 4.5 million in the court from the rapper. Thomas St John had taken many steps and actions so that he could bring the name of the famous rapper Kanye West and degrade his reputation socially.

When he became aware that was spreading in the Nation that is Kanye West missing, he decided to go the court and request the court to extend the time for suing because of Kanye West missing. He was not worried about the missing Kanye West but was only worried about the money he wanted to take from Kanya West legally which showed his greedy and selfish nature.

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Reviews of Fans About the Missing Information of the Rapper

When the information about Kanye West was known by the fans and audiences who used to love and enjoy the rape and concerts that were performed by Kanye West brought the fans in huge dilemma and hence they were shocked to know the facts that Kanye West was missing and the detail information about the missing of the rapper made them more shocked as the reporters have given the information that Rapper was missing from the party that he went for attending on the Christmas eve in the year 2022.

Reactions that the fans have shown on the missing Kanye West include the reactions in which the user mainly wrote on the post asking Is Kanye West Missing? And they show concern if the statement is true then the actions should be initiated by all to find him soon. Also, few people showed concern and care for Kanye West stating that is Kanye west still missing. If he is missing still then they are praying for him to be okay and for him to be in the place that is safer for his life.


In the end, it can be concluded that Kanye West missing news kept all the fans in a huge dilemma and shock as they were not able to believe that their favorite had gone missing and hence they all demanded an investigation fast so that he could be found out soon and have asked everyone for praying for him so that he can return without any injury and also for him to be in the safer place. Also, it was found out from the information that was provided on the internet that is Kanye West missing 2023 and the information was approved for his missing.

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