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According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, January 2020 was the hottest January on record. The average temperature increased by 0.77 degree Celsius when compared to the previous decades. 

Global Warming is a real! Climate Change is real! 

While many national governments and international organizations are taking serious note, there are still a few naysayers. Their doubts range from the credible to the imaginary. For example, some world leaders still think of climate change as a ‘hoax’. 

They refer to it as a design by some countries to limit development and growth. While science presents the data in a convincing fashion, an intent has to be made in order to create actionable goals. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the controversy surrounding energy and its contribution to climate change. We will also look at possibilities that explore a smooth transition to sustainable sources of energy. 

Are Fossil Fuel Energy Companies contributing to Climate Change?

There is no doubt that we need energy to power our homes, drive our automobiles and produce goods in factories. However, our increasing dependence on fossil fuels means that we are rapidly exploiting our planet. 

Burning fossil fuels releases harmful toxins into the Earth’s atmosphere. This in turn, increases temperature, depletes our ozone layer and endangers our forests and wildlife. If you have been following the news, you would have heard about the worst wildfires in Australia’s history. 

A few months back, a raging wildfire was also responsible for destroying millions of hectares of Amazonian forests in Brazil. The sudden occurrences of hurricanes, natural calamities and melting glaciers all point to the fact that we are slowly moving towards a determined end. 

The shift towards sustainable energy needs to be thought about as a serious alternative to the fossil fuel industry. 

What are some of the core challenges to Sustainable Energy in recent times?

 The points of fossil fuel industry lobbying in government circles is relatively well known. However, we are not going to discuss that. What we are going to talk about are real actions that can help in making the transition. 

Critics of sustainable energy point out that there is not enough infrastructure to make the process real. However, experienced Energy Attorneys like Douglas Healy point out that there can be a case made for using the existing set up and infrastructure for sustainable energy. 

Tesla’s recent success in economic terms shows that sustainable energy companies can too become profitable financially. The world is slowly waking up to climate change. Adopting and changing your business’s core needs can help existing energy companies turn huge profits. 


Companies who want to take the plunge to sustainable energy point to the absence of clear and well defines laws, rules and regulations. Most nations are still coming up with their own legislations in order to formalise and legalise the process. 

While the work being done by some countries are commendable, others need to ramp up their intentions. It is only when the world’s governments and private businesses come together, will a real solution for the problem emerge. 

According to Douglas Healy, normal human beings can also do their bit in order to help the environment. Planting more trees, avoiding the use of plastic and using public transport are some ways in which all of us can contribute to the environment. 

Can you think of some other ways that can help us do out bit for the environment? Mention your answers in the comments section below. 

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