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In 2017, Traeger added Wi-Fi connectivity to its line of wood pellet grills with the Timberline series. Although being able to control and monitor your grill remotely is more practical than you might think. The privilege was limited to two models with an initial price of U $ D 1700. Of course, they can also send recipes from the company’s application to Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300, but that is still an excellent investment for a grill. Today, the company revealed its 2019 line, and the so-called Wi-Fi technology is available in all areas. And the best part is that the cheapest model starts at $ 799.

The numbers in Traeger product names correspond to their cooking surface area. For example, the Traeger Pro 575 offers 575 square inches of grilling space and it’s a huge space. Keep this in mind when reviewing new models. These grills also offer temperature ranges that make them ideal for both low-roast and high-temperature roasts. They use electricity to heat and burn wood pellets, so they require access to an outlet, or at least an extension cord.

Is there a smoke setting on Traeger 780?

No, Traeger 780 has not a smoke sitting option. As we see at Traeger Pro 575, it hasn’t also a smoke setting option. But Traeger Pro 22 and Traeger 34 have smoke sitting options.

The Pro Series Traeger has been the choice of the company for a wood pellet grill big enough to cook a considerable amount of food without completely emptying your savings account. I could call it the mid-range option: there are cheaper and smaller options, as well as more expensive and more abundant Traeger options. Two new models, the Pro 575 and the Pro 780, still do that, but the main quality is the Wi-Fi. This means that you will get the added benefit of remote control/monitoring and the ability to send recipes from the Traeger application.

What can you do with Traeger 780?

Traeger Wood Fired Grills – The original pellet grill. Authentic wood, authentic smoke, authentic flavor! To savor your life on weekends, the aroma of the classic wood fire will turn everything you cook into a unique gastronomic experience. With the Traeger barbecue, you can do everything you can imagine the ease of use of the product. And its accessories will allow you to focus on the important thing: eat with your friends and family.

With the press of a button, the ignition system turns on the barbecue. Then the precise temperature control system is activated. This ensures that the combustion chamber receives the correct amount of pellets and keeps the heat constant. That is to say, that your Traeger barbecue works autonomously without being aware of it.

Once the temperature is adjusted, you no longer have to worry about anything. It alone will keep the temperature for hours, download the application, and you can adjust the temperature from the mobile. Its base of ‘easel’ developed by Traeger, with inclined legs of more than 7.5 cm in diameter, metal protection, and crossbars, making it super stable.

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