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One of the common argument that we face in our daily lives is what we eat and what we use. Just life food nourishes our body from inside, various cosmetics take care of the superficial layer of our body. Our health show if we eat right and our skin shows what we use or how we take care of it. Sometimes, even a healthy man is deprived of healthy skin or hair. They face extremely dry skin condition, which leads them to try several moisturizers for men and as a result, they get their hands on the wrong product.

For those having a busy lifestyle, cosmetics are the only means to stay polished and presentable. But what they forget is cosmetics too may have a dark side that may damage skin to a great extent. Most of the people are afraid of chemical reaction, which leads them to not using it at all. And who knows, they might be right too because creams and shampoo do contain a lot of chemical in it. Although there are mild shampoos available in the market, the search remains the same for a mild moisturizer for men. And if you really don’t know, which moisturizer is free of chemicals, be informed to make a more intelligent choice for yourself and for the sake of your skin. Various factors can be considered to decide whether the product is good for your skin or not.

Tips to select a perfect moisturizer

Your skin type: Half of the factor is the type of skin you are born with. More dry skin does not mean that you should go for a moisturizer with harsh chemical content. Remember, while oily skin is prone to acne and pimple, dry skin, on the other hand, is exposed to damage. A wrong decision may lead to an unwanted skin condition. It is itchier and rashes can anytime occur. Oily skin, on the other hand, is prone to a lot more problems. Then, what about normal skin? It requires constant care to keep it that way.

Ingredients: Just like you make sure to use proper ingredients while cooking, you should check the list of ingredients a moisturizer is made from too. Some of the soothing ingredients are chamomile, ceramides that repair the skin, vitamins, ferulic acid, coenzymes, shea butter, etc.

Harsh chemicals and fragrance: Fragrance and parabens can be harmful to your skin. So, don’t flow with the products that smell really good. Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Triclosan, etc., on the other hand, are too harsh for your skin and many cosmetic companies have completely omitted the use of it.

Skin lightening herbs: If you are using a moisturizer, it should be all that you are going out with since you do not wear makeup like women. So, make sure you have purchased a product with an all-round result, such as sun protection, skin lightening, and tan resistant.

Dermatologically tested: Products can be reliable only when it is tested by an authorized team, which ensures there is no harmful substance used. One can buy the dermatologically tested creams and other products only.

One product that is worth mentioning here is Moisturising Cream with Shea Butter And Vitamin E from The Man Company. It is enriched with the goodness of shea butter, which has a number of skin benefitting properties, while Vitamin E is a known ingredient for both skin and hair. The combination of both the ingredients and the addition of slight mild skin-friendly herbs results in healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, it has passed dermatological tests too.

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