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Nowadays, when the most active market participant gains an advantage. This is caused by a certain oversupply in the global market. Therefore, to maximize profits, you need to differ from your rivals. To stay competitive, businesses need to focus on both their offers and the quality of service they provide.

To improve business operations, consider using hosted dialer technology. It is cost-effective, secure, and reliable compared to analog methods.

Definition of hosted dialer

Hosted dialer is basically an auto dialing solution and thus automates dialing phone numbers from the pre-imported contact lists and generating outgoing calls. It is built on the cloud technology, meaning that a service provider manages the software and infrastructure and that it is accessible via the Internet.

Using a hosted dialer simplifies the work of agents many times over, as it takes over many functions that are not complicated but still require a lot of time.

Key features of hosted dialer

  • Automated calling through the customer base

The process of dialing the phone numbers is automated: instead of the agent dialing the number manually, a system does it. By routing only calls that have already been answered to the agent, this feature saves the agent’s time.

  • Option to preview the client card

During the call, or even before it in the case of the Preview dialer, the agent has the opportunity to view the customer’s card and previous communication history, which includes a variety of relevant information about the customer.

  • Customization of call scripts for agents

This feature allows you to prepare numerous pre-designed questionnaires and knowledge bases that can cover a wide range of customer queries and help agents resolve them quickly and efficiently.

  • Integration with CRM

Integration with the CRM system allows agents to search for and receive the requested information about a customer at the exact moment of need, or vice versa, to enter new data obtained as a result of communication during the conversation.

  • Data reporting and analytics

You can track the status of each call attempt and the effectiveness of the call using our detailed statistical reports. All statistics on calls made are stored in the database of the outbound calling system from the moment the dialer starts and are available for analysis for any period of the contact center’s operation. This will be useful for decision-making about operational and management processes.

Advantages and disadvantages of using hosted dialer technologies


  • Implementation

With hosted providers, you can expect technical support and station review, leading to fewer problems with hosted dialer technology than analogs. The same goes for updates and improvements, as the provider also takes care of it, so there is no reason to burden the IT department with it.

  • Cost-Efficiency

This solution is based on a subscription model, where you pay only for what you use on a regular basis. You don’t need to spend a lot on equipment because the dialer is available online and doesn’t require advanced technology.

  • Optimization of working hours

Automated dialing of numbers from the customer base reduces agent’s downtime to a minimum. As a result, the agent’s workload increases, as the saved time is devoted to the following calls, which can increase several times in relation to the same time frame.

  • Accessibility

With the platform’s online accessibility and minimal hardware needs, businesses can operate remotely or in a hybrid manner, eliminating the need for employees to be tied to a specific workplace.


  • Dependency on the Internet connection

In fact, this is the only important requirement for the use of hosted dialer technology. A stable Internet connection is a necessity for high-quality operations, as well as for IP-telephony itself. Due to Internet instability (for example, when using Wi-Fi), the quality of communication may suffer or the call may be disconnected. In that case, the chance of misunderstandings or errors when working with a client increases rapidly.

  • Reliance on the service provider

Again, on the one hand, this dependence can be seen as a positive factor, as it removes responsibility from the company’s tech department, but it also means that in case of certain problems experienced by the provider, it may partially affect the platform the company is working with.

Achievements of usage of hosted dialer technology 

  • Elimination of manual work

By automating call-related tasks such as generating call lists, making calls, the robotic system reduces the time that would otherwise be required for an agent to perform these operations. In particular, the time spent on agent downtime between conversations is eliminated, as the second the customer hangs up, the system automatically pulls up the next number from the database and proceeds with the call.

  • Higher contact and conversion rates

By reducing the amount of time an agent spends on downtime, we are able to provide more room for calls and related operations. By eliminating the need for simple, routine tasks such as generating lists and dialing numbers manually, agents can focus on customer service and covering more of their requests.

  • Improving customer experience

Through integration with CRM, the agent receives real-time access to the customer’s card with all the necessary information at the moment of communication. This means that the chances of satisfying the customer’s request are higher, as the agent’s awareness of each individual situation becomes more detailed. Having all the relevant information about the customer, the agent can solve the problem in a much shorter period of time, which also means less waiting time for the customer and increases their satisfaction with the customer journey.


The application of hosted dialer technology offers a significant simplification for the business processes in many areas, and often means saving financial resources that can be used for further business development.

So, in general, if we are not talking about any highly specific business processes, the use of hosted dialer technology will mean a real optimization of both operational and management processes.

We also recommend contacting us for specialized Cloud Call Center solutions. We can provide detailed advice and assistance in implementing and configuring a hosted dialer, helping your business achieve high efficiency and effectiveness in customer service and phone calls.

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